Is TVS working on a 650cc Motorcycle to Compete with Royal Enfield?

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Is TVS working on a 650cc Motorcycle to Compete with Royal Enfield?

TVS is already leading in the lifestyle segment with its strong growth. Now, TVS is aspiring to grow aggressively in the 650cc segment. The question is, will TVS bring the right product and tick all the right boxes? 

There's always space for a good product, even though TVS may be a late entrant. Currently, Royal Enfield 650 twins rule the lifestyle segment regarding sales figures. However, Royal Enfield deserves appreciation for its visionary approach to launching future-ready products.

The new 600-750 cc bike from TVS will also surprise loyal customers looking for an upgrade. TVS provides choices ranging from smaller displacement to 310 cc, Apache RR310

The absence of TVS in the greater displacement is a lost opportunity for the company. Because several biking enthusiasts are moving to the 500+ cc segment.

Check out the Launch of the TVS 650cc Motorcycle

Presently, there is no official confirmation from TVS for developing or designing the 650 cc bike. However, the development of TVS' new 600-750cc bike is already underway

TVS new flagship bike will have a twin-cylinder engine like other rival offerings. Further, if we talk about the Power and torque output, it will be close to or better than rivals. If we take a reference, Royal Enfield 650 twins generate a max power output of 47 bhp followed by a torque of 52 Nm as of peak torque.

The beauty of the body style of TVS new flagship bike is yet to be seen. We anticipate that this 650 cc bike could have multiple body styles. It can be launched simultaneously, or TVS could start with a single offering, i.e., roadster. 

Regarding the market response, TVS may consider other body styles based on the same platform. The body style of the new TVS twin-cylinder bike could include a scrambler, cafe racer, ADV, etc.

TVS will need several products in the 600-750cc segment. Competitors like Royal Enfield are constantly expanding their portfolios in this space. After the Super Meteor 650, Royal Enfield will add 650cc bikes, such as the Shotgun 650, Himalayan 650 and Classic 650. The new TVS flagship will also compete with upcoming 650cc bikes from Jawa and Yezdi.

It remains to be seen if TVS will go alone or seek collaboration with another brand to develop its new 600-750cc flagship bike. TVS acquired the British brand Norton Motorcycles in April 2020. Norton already offers many large motorcycles. TVS will likely use the experience of Norton for their future motorcycle.

Switching to a lifestyle brand

TVS has already started taking steps to position itself as a lifestyle brand. This is evident with products like Ronin and the increased focus on community events. 

At the recently concluded MotoSoul 2023, TVS showcased four exciting custom Ronin builds. The event also featured an updated connectivity platform. The contribution of TVS Racing can be seen in the launch of a new type of racing format called Flat Track Racing.

TVS Racing Performance Gear will also play a key role in the passive promotion of the new bike. All of these initiatives will help create a favourable environment for the launch of the new TVS flagship. TVS already has 2.5 million members in AOG (Apache Owners Group), many of whom can opt for a new 600-750cc bike.

Check out Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 introduced in all black: Currently Available in the UK.

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Tork Motors is a Pune-based EV manufacturer known for its exceptional quality motorcycles. Recently, it has announced a massive discount of Rs 37,000 for its Tork Kratos R bike, packed with powerful batteries for improved performance. The initial price range (ex-showroom) of this motorcycle is Rs 1,87,999 (ex-showroom Pune, including FAME 2 subsidy). After its new discounted price, it is available at Rs. 1,49,999, which makes this electric motorcycle highly affordable, but this is a limited-period offer valid till March 31, 2024. Having said that, no upgrades have been made to the Tork Kratos R bike, yet this motorcycle continues to maintain its appearance, spare parts, motor, battery, and features. Kratos R Bike: Technical SpecificationsTork Kratos R Bike is powered by a 4.0 KwH lithium-ion (IP67-rated) battery, connected with a 9 Kw “Axial Flux’, which is a peak power motor to produce 12 bhp and a peak torque of 38 Nm. This bike comes with a “City Ride” riding mode with a top speed of 70 kmph and an outstanding range that exceeds a 100 km distance. Also, it claims to deliver a top speed of 105 kmph.There are four ride modes for this bike: Eco, Eco+, City, and Sports. Also, Tork Kratos R Motorcycle claims a 120 km driving range in Eco mode, which is favourable for sporty bike riders. This electric motorcycle gets quickly charged from 0% to 80% within an hour when connected with a powerful adapter. The Tork Kratos R bike runs on telescopic and monoshock front forks. Also, it contains front and rear disc brakes with ABS. These disc brakes are fixed on 17-inch alloy wheels to retain their sturdiness and rigidity. Moreover, the alloy wheels have been engineered to front size (90/80) and rear size (120/80) tyres, ensuring better traction on highways and uneven roads. FEATURESBesides having impressive specifications, the Tork Kratos R Motorcycle features a digital instrument cluster, reverse mode, and regenerative braking for superior driving performance. Also, its USB charging, mobile connectivity, and front storage box ensure convenience for the rider of the Kratos R EV Bike. Moreover, OTA updates, geofencing, find my vehicle, crash alert, motor walk assist, track mode, and smart charge analysis assist the bike rider in maintaining their motorcycle to prevent breakdowns and damages. COLOUR SCHEMESTork Motors offers its Kratos in five colour options, including Oceanic Blue, Innocent White, Jet Black, Streaky Red, and Midnight Black. Before you go, don't forget to check out our latest news coverage on the 2024 Honda Fireblade. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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Comparing the figures from January 2024, the sales charts for February 2024 from Royal Enfield depicted a slight 0.33% MoM decline.Royal Enfield, an iconic motorcycle manufacturer and India's top classic bike producer closed February 2024 on a high note. The company saw a significant year-on-year growth compared to the previous year's sales. It's only a slight month-on-month decrease in comparison to sales from the previous month.YoY Sales Data for Royal Enfield in February 2024Royal Enfield dominates the 300cc to 500cc motorcycle segment with a remarkable 85.3% market share. Within the brand's sales data, the 350cc range stands out as the top performer, driven by a 349cc J-series engine and J-platform.This platform has given rise to four different motorcycles: the Classic 350, Bullet 350, Hunter 350, and Meteor 350. Taking February 2024 as an example, 350cc bikes made up an impressive 87.12% of the company's total sales, amounting to 66,157 units. Compared to the 64,810 units sold in February 2023, this reflects a YoY growth of 2.08%.The 67,620 units sold in January 2024 contributed to a 2.16% MoM decline in Royal Enfield's 350cc portfolio. The YoY volume growth was 1,347 units, while the MoM volume decline was 1,463 units. Year-to-date, 350cc bikes sold a total of 7,45,724 units in FY24, reflecting a 10.71% YoY growth compared to 6,73,582 units sold in FY23. Royal EnfieldFeb 2024Feb 2023DiffGrowth % YoY% Share Feb 2024<350cc66,15764,8101,3472.0887.12>350cc9,7786,7343,04445.2012.88Domestic67,92264,4463,4765.3989.45Exports8,0137,10890512.7310.55TOTAL75,93571,5544,3816.12100.00 In Royal Enfield's lineup, there are numerous models that have engines larger than 350cc. These include the Scram 411, which is based on the older 411cc platform. The New Himalayan is built on the Sherpa 450 platform and a lineup of 650cc models, including the Interceptor 650, Continental GT 650, and Super Meteor 650. The most recent addition to this range is the Shotgun 650.MoM Sales Data for Royal Enfield in February 2024The motorcycles in the >350cc portfolio, when combined, made up 12.88% of Royal Enfield's total sales, with 9,778 units sold. This segment saw a 45.2% year-over-year growth, an increase from 6,734 units sold the year before and a 14.14% month-over-month growth from the 8,567 units sold the previous month. The volume growth amounted to 3,044 units year-over-year and 1,211 units month-over-month. The <350cc segment witnessed a 2.67% YoY growth in the YTD analysis, with 91,457 units sold versus 89,078 units the previous year, reflecting a volume growth of 2,379 units. Domestic sales by Royal Enfield totalled 67,922 units, comprising 89.45% of the company's total sales. Compared to February 2023, this segment experienced a 5.39% YoY growth with 64,446 units sold. Royal EnfieldFeb 2024Jan 2024DiffGrowth % MoM% Share Jan 2024<350cc66,15767,620-1,463-2.1688.76>350cc9,7788,5671,21114.1411.24Domestic67,92270,556-2,634-3.7392.61Exports8,0135,6312,38242.307.39TOTAL75,93576,187-252-0.33100.00 February 2024 Royal Enfield Sales - Year-to-Date (YTD)There was also a 3.73% MoM decline compared to January 2024, where 70,556 units were sold, translating to a volume loss of 2,634 units. Domestic sales experienced a 13.90% YoY growth in YTD analysis, with a total of 7,68,751 units sold. The introduction of newer and more advanced products has expanded the potential for exports.Royal Enfield exports totalled 8,013 units, marking an impressive 12.73% YoY growth and a substantial 42.30% MoM growth compared to the 7,108 units shipped a year ago and the 5,631 units shipped a month prior. In year-to-date (YTD) analysis, however, exports witnessed a 21.98% YoY decline, with a total of 68,430 units shipped.Royal EnfieldFY24 YTDFY23DiffGrowth % YoY% Share FY 2024<350cc7,45,7246,73,58272,14210.7189.08>350 cc91,45789,0782,3792.6710.92Domestic7,68,7516,74,95693,79513.9091.83Exports68,43087,704-19,274-21.988.17TOTAL8,37,1817,62,66074,5219.77100.00Final ThoughtsOverall, Royal Enfield sales in February 2024 reached 75,935 units. This marked a 6.12% year-over-year (YoY) growth compared to the 71,554 units sold in February 2023. However, there was a 0.33% month-over-month (MoM) decline compared to the 76,187 units sold in January 2024. In terms of year-to-date (YTD) sales, Royal Enfield achieved a total of 8,37,181 units, reflecting a 9.77% YoY growth over the 7,62,660 units sold in FY23, with a volume growth of 74,521 units.But before you go, don’t forget to check out our latest news coverage on the recently launched 2024 Honda Fireblade. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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On February 29, Yamaha debuted the revised TMAX560 in Japan, launching the TMAX560 and TMAX560 Tech Max variants. Both variants have slightly different characteristics despite having the same components and transmission. Furthermore, the TMAX560 is priced at RM 75K (Rs. 13 lakh, ex-showroom) in Malaysia and JPY 1,408,000 (Rs. 7.75 lakh) in Japan. However, with a test mule caught in India, there's speculation about the Yamaha TMAX560 launching in 2024 via the CBU route.2024 Yamaha TMAX560: What’s NewThe 2024 Yamaha TMAX560 presents new exterior colour options while maintaining its unique design. In Japan, the standard TMAX560 offers Matte Black with Racing Blue wheels, while the TMAX560 Tech Max features Matte Dark Reddish Grey and Matte Dark Grey. In Malaysia, the TMAX560 is available in Dark Magma and Tech Black shades. In addition to this, TMAX560 features advanced technology like a 7-inch TFT instrument display, Garmin navigation, electric windscreen, heated seats, grips, cruise control, and more.It offers spacious under-seat storage, a 15L fuel tank, and weighs 220 kg. Its power comes from a 560cc DOHC 4V parallel-twin-cylinder engine, delivering 47.6 bhp and 55.7 Nm torque, with a CVT and belt-drive system.2024 Yamaha TMAX560: EngineFeaturing a 562 cc displacement and a Parallel-Twin, 4-stroke, 4-valve DOHC system, the 2024 Yamaha TMAX560 boasts a potent engine design. Its two cylinders, each with four valves, ensure ideal combustion and guarantee efficient operation. Additionally, the 10.9:1 compression ratio efficiently strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency.With the help of TCI technology, the ignition system guarantees dependable starts under all circumstances. The fuel injection guarantees precise fuel delivery, enhancing responsiveness and performance. Additionally, a wet sump lubrication system enhances consistent oil distribution and engine longevity.Additional Features Featuring a dynamic and sporty design, the 2024 Yamaha TMAX560 is driven by a powerful 560cc Euro 5 compliant DOHC engine. Its parallel-twin cylinder engine ensures smooth performance on the road. Equipped with cruise control, an electric windscreen, and heated handlebar grips, it offers enhanced comfort for riders. Heated seats also keep passengers comfortable on chilly rides. Integrated LED front indicators improve visibility, while the traction control system enhances safety and stability.Yamaha TMAX560 in 2024: India Launch PlansThe release of the 2024 Yamaha TMAX560 is highly significant for the Indian market. This follows the sighting of a Yamaha TMAX560 test prototype in India, equipped with temporary red Karnataka state registration plates. This has sparked speculation about Yamaha's plans to introduce the TMAX in the Indian market fairly soon.In the context of premium, large-capacity bikes in India, this holds particular significance. At one end, there are the Keeway Sixties 300i and Vieste 300, priced at around Rs. 3.3 lakh (ex-showroom). Conversely, the BMW C400GT, featuring a single-cylinder 350cc engine, commands a hefty price of Rs. 11.25 lakh (ex-showroom).But till we get any further details, don’t forget to check out Why Triumph is Recalling Tiger Sport 660 And Trident 660 Models. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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Honda has unveiled the 2024 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, boasting enhanced performance and a fresh appearance. With the price starting from 2,849,000 yen (approximately Rs 15.75 lakh), the 2024 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP variant is a key part of Honda's super sports CBR lineup and serves as the flagship model.2024 Honda Fireblade: Features & Specifications The 2024 Honda Fireblade gets updated winglets and a cowling, though the overall design stays the same. These visual updates also serve a practical purpose by enhancing the bike's aerodynamics. Furthermore, the sporty fairing with attractive graphics and decals remains one of the standout features of this bike.Both the standard and SP variants come in the Grand Prix Red colour option. The standard version features black USD forks, while the SP variant comes with golden USD forks. Additionally, the SP variant offers a Matte Pearl Morion Black option.2024 Honda Fireblade: What’s NewThe 2024 Fireblade marks Honda’s debut with a new two-motor throttle-by-wire (TBW) system. This innovative system employs two motors to manage throttle valve operation independently for each cylinder pair. Collaborating with other mechanical enhancements on the bike, the new TBW system enhances performance and control.Furthermore, Honda has altered the shape and weight of the crankshaft to reduce inertia mass, resulting in improved throttle response and engine connectivity. Changes to the transmission's gear ratios complement these adjustments. The electronic control equipment has also been updated to support the engine's mechanical tweaks.To enhance the power-to-weight ratio, Honda has utilised lightweight frame components. Additionally, they've focused on improving the bike’s rigidity to enhance turning performance and provide a better ground feel.2024 Honda Fireblade: Engine SpecificationThe 2024 Honda Fireblade, available in standard and SP variants, is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel 4-cylinder engine, delivering 218 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque. Both models feature a 6-speed gearbox. The Fireblade achieves a mileage of 15.4 km/l as per WMTC standards, with the standard version weighing 200 kg and the SP variant slightly heavier by 1 kg.The 2024 Honda Fireblade SP variant offers additional features, including a quick shifter, Brembo front brake calliper, and Ohlins electronically controlled suspension. It also calculates and displays the ideal preload values for the front and rear suspension based on the rider’s weight.CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 2022 SpecificationsYou can also find the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 2022 model listed on the official website, which includes engine capacity, gearbox weight, and more.Engine SpecificationsThe 2022 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP's powerful water-cooled engine produces remarkable performance from its inline 4-cylinder configuration. With a 999.9cc displacement, it generates 160kW of power at 14,500 rpm and 113Nm of torque at 12,500 rpm, guaranteeing exhilarating rides with powerful torque and quick acceleration.Dimensions and WeightsThis bike has a robust 12-2Li-ion battery that provides dependable performance in terms of weight and dimensions. Longer rides are possible because of the 16.1-liter fuel tank and stable AL TWIN-TUBE frame. It is lightweight (201.3 kg), has a ground clearance of 118.6 mm, and has an 831 mm comfortable seat height. It is agile and easy to handle.Transmission The gearbox of the 2022 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP is a wet, multiplate hydraulic clutch that is cable-operated. Riding on it is made more enjoyable with its 6-speed manual transmission, chain final drive, and smooth gear shifts.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the recently unveiled 2024 Yamaha TMAX560!Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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Hero has re-launched the Vida V1 Plus, a smaller battery version of the Vida V1 electric scooter. It now costs Rs 1,45,000 in Delhi (including the FAME 2 subsidy). But here's the exciting part: there's a whopping Rs 30,000 discount, making the effective price just Rs 1,15,000. Moreover, The Vida V1 Pro, which has a bigger battery, costs Rs 1,45,900 in Delhi. People in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Punjab can save even more, up to Rs 20,000, because of state subsidies. Prices might differ in other states, so it's best to check with your local dealer. The Vida V1 Plus is the basic model in the Vida V1 scooter range, which also includes the Vida V1 Pro. The main differences between them are the battery size, range, and features. Learn more about Hero Vida V1 Plus features and specifications below: Hero Vida V1 Plus: Delivering High Performance Hero Vida V1 Plus delivers high performance with quick acceleration, reaching 40 kmph in just 3.4 seconds. It's powered by a 3.44 kWh battery, which consists of two removable batteries, each with 1.72 kWh capacity. This setup provides a real-world range of 100 km on a single charge. Weighing 124 kg, it offers three riding modes: Eco, Ride, and Sport, catering to different preferences. Its motor, a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with an integrated gearbox, delivers a peak power of 6 kW and a continuous power of 3.9 kW, generating a torque of 25 Nm. Hero Vida V1 Plus: Charging Time And Range Hero Vida V1 Plus charges fast, taking less than 65 minutes to reach 80% battery capacity. At home, using a parking portable charger, it takes about 5 hours and 15 minutes to charge both removable batteries. In public, using a DC fast charger charges at a rate of 1.2 kilometres per minute. When fully charged, it offers a real-world range of 100 kilometres. Hero Vida V1 Plus: Other SpecificationsBraking System The braking system of Hero Vida V1 Plus includes a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, both equipped with a combined braking system (CBS) as standard. This setup ensures efficient braking performance for enhanced safety on the road. Suspension System Hero Vida V1 Plus is built with an underbone frame. It has a telescopic fork suspension at the front and a single rear monoshock suspension. This design provides a comfortable and stable ride, handling different types of roads smoothly. Key DimensionsHero Vida V1 Plus has key dimensions that include a wheelbase of 1301 mm, a ground clearance of 155 mm, and a seat height of 780 mm. It rides on 12-inch machined cast alloy wheels, providing a sturdy and reliable base for comfortable riding. Hero Vida V1 Plus: Additional FeaturesSplit-Seat Design With Extra Storage: Hero Vida V1 Plus offers 26 litres of boot space to carry your belongings. With its split seat and sturdy grab rail, it's a stylish and comfortable electric scooter, perfect for city rides. LED Headlamps: Hero Vida V1 Plus features LED headlamps with 90 lux, offering superior reach and spread compared to others. TFT Display: Vida V1 Plus comes equipped with a 7-inch full-colour TFT display featuring smartphone connectivity. They offer turn-by-turn navigation, anti-theft alarms, geofencing, and remote immobilisation functionalities. APP Connectivity: Take control of your ride with the VIDA consumer app. You get features like navigation, locating charging stations, tracking your scooter, and analysing your trips. Emergency Alert: In case of an emergency, use the SOS feature to alert your chosen contact. You can locate your scooter and receive low-battery notifications. Convenience Features: Experience convenience with features like "Follow me home" lights, keyless entry, electronic seat and handle lock, cruise control, two-way throttle for reverse and regenerative assist, and incoming call alerts. Removable Batteries: The removable battery of Hero Vida V1 Plus makes it easy to carry and charge, enhancing convenience for users. Available Colors: Hero Vida V1 Plus is offered in three appealing colors: Orange, Red, and White. Hero Vida V1 Plus: WarrantyHero Vida V1 Plus offers a vehicle warranty of 5 years or 50,000 kilometres. It also includes a battery warranty of 3 years or 30,000 kilometres. The motor is rated IP68, and the battery is rated IP67 for protection against ingress. Hero Vida V1 Plus: CompetitorsVida V1 Plus competes with other electric scooters in the market, such as the Ather 450S, TVS iQube, Ola S1 Air, and Bajaj Chetak.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the upcoming Royal Enfield Roadster 450 – What do we know so far? Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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Bajaj Auto has finally launched the 2024 Pulsar NS125, which costs Rs 1.05 lakh (ex-showroom). Previously, Bajaj also launched the Pulsar NS160 and Pulsar NS200, with the NS160 priced at Rs 1.46 lakh and the NS200 priced at Rs 1.55 lakh, respectively.Like its other larger models, the Pulsar NS125 has some subtle changes to set it apart from the others. Most of the components, including the engine, design, and hardware, remain the same throughout the meantime. In comparison to the previous generation model, the Pulsar NS125 has an updated LCD instrument panel, LED headlamp, LED DRLs, and indicators. Crucial data, including speed, fuel level, and odometer, are displayed clearly and easily on this improved NS model. This updated NS model offers a crisp, easy-to-read display of crucial information like speed, fuel level, and odometer.Below are the features and specifications of Pulsar NS125, which makes it a standout bike.Bajaj Pulsar NS125: Engine SpecificationWith a 4-stroke, SOHC 4-valve, air-cooled, BSVI-compliant DTS-i Ei engine, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 has a sturdy engine layout. Its powerful performance on the road is attributed to its displacement of 124.45 cc. With a maximum power output of 8.82 kW at 8500 rpm, it guarantees exhilarating rides with plenty of acceleration. Moreover, it delivers superb acceleration and seamless handling with a maximum torque of 11 Nm at 7000 rpm. The smooth gear changes that come with a 5-speed constant mesh transmission improve the riding experience for cyclists as a whole.Bajaj Pulsar NS125: Advanced Features Fuel TankWith a large 12-litre gasoline tank, the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 is a great choice for riders looking for longer travel times. Its large gasoline tank makes for continuous travel, which improves the riding experience all around.TyresThis 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125 features a stylish front with an 80/100 Tubeless tyre, providing excellent grip and stability on the road. At the rear, it is equipped with a 100/90 Tubeless tyre, ensuring enhanced traction and control while riding. These high-quality tubeless tyres offer superior durability and reduced risk of punctures, enhancing the overall safety and performance of the bike.Suspension In the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125, the front suspension features telescopic forks, providing enhanced stability and control over rough terrain. The bike's overall safety and performance are improved by these premium tubeless tyres, which also have a lower chance of punctures and greater longevity. This combination of front telescopic suspension and rear mono-shocks delivers superior comfort and performance, making it ideal for both city commutes and adventurous rides.BrakesIn the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS125, the front brake features a robust 240 mm disc, while the rear brake is equipped with a reliable 130 mm drum with CBS technology. With a power-to-weight ratio of 83.3 PS per ton, this bike ensures responsive braking performance and enhanced safety on the road.DimensionThe Bajaj Pulsar NS125 has remarkable dimensions in 2024. Its 805 mm seat height provides riders with a comfortable position while guaranteeing ideal handling and control. The bike is quite agile and light, weighing only 144 kg, which makes it easier to manoeuvre over all types of terrain. Furthermore, with 179 mm of ground clearance, riders can comfortably navigate obstacles and rough roads while still enjoying a steady and smooth ride.Bajaj Pulsar NS125: Additional features Additionally, Bajaj replaced the NS125's old semi-digital instrument console with a brand-new, totally digital model. In addition to supporting smartphone connectivity, the 2024 Pulsar NS125's LCD features an odometer, trip metre, rev counter, and fuel level readout. The latter shows the battery level and allows the rider to receive calls and SMS messages. USB charging port and ABS are additional features. But before you go, don’t forget to check out our long-term review of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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