TVS to launch more powerful e-scooter with new motor soon

calenderPublished on March 21, 2023 by BikeJunction

TVS has only one electrical product in its portfolio: the iQube e-scooter. But that will change soon, according to TVS’ director and CEO KN Radhakrishnan. 

He said in a recent conference that the brand plans to launch several new electric models across different segments in the next year and a half. These models will have power outputs ranging from 5 kW to 25 kW.

TVS’ upcoming models will need more power than 5 kW, which the hub motor of the iQube cannot provide. So, everyone is curious about how TVS would design a new powertrain for its electrical products. A recent patent filing reveals the details of this new powertrain.

The patent reveals a new design for an e-scooter with a mid-mounted motor. The motor drives the rear wheel through a simple transmission system inside the swingarm

The swingarm is essentially made of the transmission casing. The swingarm connects to the vehicle’s frame with a pivot at one end and holds the rear axle at the other.

A drive gear at the front of the casing gets power from the motor output shaft and transfers it to a driven gear at the back that drives the rear wheel. 

The two gears are linked by an “endless transmission drive”, which TVS says could be a chain or belt drive. This means the motor and the rear wheel will have different rotational speeds. As a result, it will differ from the hub motor, where the power is directly sent, and the motor and the wheel have the same rotational speed.

This drivetrain design, where the motor is mounted in the middle of the scooter, is more suitable for high-power applications. This is similar to what you can find on other e-scooters like the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X

 The patent drawings show this design on a TVS Wego, but that’s just a placeholder. We expect TVS to use this design on a more performance-focused e-scooter in the future.  

But before that, TVS will launch the iQube STthe high-end version of the iQube that was announced last year but hasn’t been launched yet.

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