TVS Sales Report December 2022: Total Domestic Sales of 24 Lakh registered

CalenderPublished at January 5, 2023 by BikeJunction
TVS Sales Report December 2022: Total Domestic Sales of 24 Lakh registered

For December Sales Report 2022, TVS Motor announces an increase in domestic 2W sales, with over 24 lakh 2-wheeler sales in the domestic market.

For the month of December 2022, TVS Motor's 2W domestic sales were profitable. The decline in exports, however, sends overall sales into negative territory. As was to be expected, the preponderance of domestic sales was motorbike sales. That the percentage was calculated to be 55% the previous month.

Sales of motorcycles decreased from 1,33,700 units to 1,24,705 units. As a result, 9k units were lost in volume, representing a 6.73% reduction. Among the best-selling bikes were the Apache bikes and Raider bikes. Sales of scooters increased, going from 67,533 units to 76,766 units. 9,233 more units were added, representing a volume rise of 13.67%. The best-selling scooters were Jupiter and Ntorq.

TVS Sales Dec 2022 – iQube 11k

Sales of the TVS iQube Electric scooter increased significantly to 11,071 units. Volume increased by 9,859 units from the 1,212 units sold year over year. Sales of the TVS XL 100 moped decreased from 34,159 units to 26,195 units, continuing to be negative. The loss in volume was 7,964 units.

At 1,61,369 units, domestic sales as a whole increased from 1,46,763 units. Sales increased by 9.95%, while volume increased by 14,606 units. From 88,629 units, 2W exports decreased to 66,297 units. 22,332 units were lost in volume, representing a 25.2% drop. From 2,35,392 units, total 2W sales decreased to 2,27,666 units. A volume loss of 7,726 units, or a 3.28% reduction, was observed.

Sales of the domestic 3W increased to 1,241 units from 750 units. From 14,791 units, 3W exports dropped to 13,105 units. As a result, 1,686 units, or 11.4% less, were recorded as volume loss. Sales of all 3 W models decreased from 15,541 units to 14,346 units.

With a 10.23% increase, total domestic sales increased to 1,62,610 units from 1,47,513 units. Exports as a whole decreased from 1,03420 to 79,402 units. A 24,018 unit volume loss was noted. 2,42,012 units were sold overall, which is a decrease from 2,50,933 units. There was an 8,921 unit volume loss.

In December 2022, TVS reported MoM sales declined

In most segments, the MoM drop was greater. From 1.45 lakhs, domestic motorbike sales were down by 14%. 20,301 units have been recorded as volume loss. Sales of scooters decreased from 83,679 units. In contrast, the sales of e-scooters increased from 10,056 units. Compared to earlier in the year, sales of e-scooters have significantly increased in the most recent quarter. Sales of mopeds decreased from roughly 35k units. With volume loss, total 2W domestic sales decreased from 1,91,730 units to slightly over 30k units. MoM 2W exports decreased by 7,81% from 71,912 units. With a volume loss of around 36k units, total MoM 2W sales decreased from 2,63,642 units.

MoM 3W domestic sales remained unchanged. Exports of 3W increased from 12,222 units. From 13,481 units, total MoM 3W sales increased. The volume increase was 865 units. MoM domestic sales as a whole decreased from 1,92,989 units. From 84,134 units, total MoM exports decreased. Sales were down 12.67% month over month from 2,77,123 units. An estimated 35k+ units of volume were lost.

TVS Motor 2W sales in 2022

Only the period from January to March 2022 saw domestic 2W sales fall overall, according to TVS. Sales for Q1 were negative as a result, falling to 5,37,949 units from 6,02,516 units. A volume loss of 64,567 units, or a 10.72% reduction, was observed. Sales increased from 3,28,478 units in Q1 to 5,65,105 units in Q2. The gain in volume was 2,36,627 units. Despite a drop in Q1, H2 was confidently profitable, with 11,03,054 units sold. Volume gain increased by 1,72,060 units, or 18.48%, from 9,30,994 units. 7,25,145 units were recorded during Q3, an increase from 5,99,252 units. Volume increased by 1,25,893 units or 21%.

Domestic sales for the second quarter of 2016 increased to 6,29,051 units from 5,81,480 units. A volume increase of 47,571 units was observed. The volume increase was 1,73,464 at the conclusion of the second quarter of 2022, up 13,54,196 units from 11,80,732 units. Domestic sales of the 2W as a whole increased to 24,57,250 units from 21,11,726 units. The increase in volume for the year was 3,45,524 units or 16.36%. And it amounts to slightly over 2 lakh units monthly on average.



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