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Rundown of How Top 5 EV Manufacturers Performed in February 2023!

Published on March 09, 2023 by BikeJunction

In February 2023, 3 market leading manufacturers - Ola Electric, TVS Motor, and Ather Energy reported a 5 figure sales number. Let’s have a closer look at how all the top 5 major EV manufacturers performed in terms of sales in February 2023. 

February 2023 Electric 2-Wheeler Sales Figures 


Sales Units

Ola Electric

17,667 units

TVS Motor

12,573 units

Ather Energy

10,013 units


5,842 units

Hero Electric

5,861 units

Okinawa AutoTech

3,842 units

Chetak Technology

1,314 units

Ola Electric: 17,667 units

Ola Electric reported a total sales of 17,667 units, the second-best monthly sales this year after January’s 18,282 units sales. The company takes about 27% market share in the EV sector for February 2023. Ola is already leading the ranking this month, and given the sales figures of 1,29,866 in the first 11 months of FY2023, it will be the market leader this fiscal year. 

TVS: 12,573 units

TVS Motor took the second position for the second time with a market share of 19%. The company has shown a consistent improvement in its market performance, MoM and February 2023 with 12,573 units. In January, the company saw a 10,423 unit rise in sales units as opposed to the previous month. 

Ather Energy: 10,013 units

Ather Energy bags the 3rd position, with 10,013 units sold in February 2023, making the  best retail number since its launch. Ather also reported a massive growth in sales of 12,147 units this month. This Bengaluru-based start-up company has also seen quite an improvement in its performance, with 63,963 units sold since 11 months of FY2023

Ampere: 5,842 units

Ampere saw a retail sale of 5,842 units in February 2023, taking 4th place on the list. And for 11 months of FY2023, the company has witnessed a total sales of 74,932 units. The company also launched its new Primus E-scooter and an updated version of Zeal EX in the market recently. 

Okinawa Autotech: 3,842 units

Okinawa Autotech recently had its FAME-II subsidy revoked, which has resulted in its sales declining. As a result, the company registered 3,842 units in February 2023, down from 4,404 units in January 2022. As a result, cumulative sales of Okinawa for FY2023 stood at 89,785 units.

Chetak Technology: 1,314 units

Bajaj Auto sales units were reported to be at 1,314 units for its Chetak Electric scooter in February 2023, down from 2,615 units in January.  The company recently lowered its prices and increased the range with its newly launched Chetak variant, which should help increase its e-scooter sales in the future. 

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