Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R vs Ninja 400: Top comparisons

CalenderPublished at February 6, 2023 by BikeJunction
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R vs Ninja 400: Top comparisons

Kawasaki just released the Ninja ZX-4R as a surprise for 2023. This Sportbike is an ode to the entry-level four-cylinder beast designed to highlight Kawasaki's modern engineering expertise. Well, Ninja 400 is already globally hit for its performance. In addition, it made its place for good ergonomics and affordable prices. So what does the new Ninja ZX-4R do differently? Well, let's check it out below.

Performance comparison

Looking at their names, you will see that the two ninjas can only be distinguished by the additional word "ZX". But that moniker is no joke, as all Ninja-clad ZXs use four-cylinder engines. The ZX-4R is no exception and uses a new 399cc four-cylinder engine that produces 75.94 bhp and 36 Nm at 11,000rpm. On the other hand, the Ninja 400 uses a 399cc parallel-twin engine that puts out just 44.3 bhp along with 37 Nm torque. The engine power difference of both bikes comes to a 31 bhp deficit compared to the ZX. The inline-four-cylinder engine also benefits from a higher compression ratio (12.3:1 vs 11.5:1), and a larger throttle body (34mm vs 32mm) can be seen. All these specifications result in an insane 16,000 rpm redline compared to 13,000 rpm for Ninja 400.

Features And Electronics


Ninja 400 has been on sale for almost five years but has yet to undergo significant updates. This is especially noticeable in the features and electronics category. For example, it only boasts a digital-to-analogue readout, dual-channel ABS, and a slipper clutch. On the contrary, the ZX-4R is the latest Ninja bike in the lineup and has the technology to match. If we define the features individually, the ZX 4R comes with riding modes, traction control, bi-directional quick-shifter and Smartphone connectivity power modes. You name the quality, and the Ninja ZX-4R has it. Further, this bike is equipped with a 4.3-inch TFT instrument cluster loaded with dedicated track mode like the Ninja ZX-10R.


Further, the same story continues for the Ninja 400 regarding the suspension. The Ninja 400 feels quite vanilla, with a non-adjustable telescopic fork, mono-shock and single-disc brakes on both ends. On the other hand, the ZX-4R is all about the best, with a Showa SFF-BP adjustable fork, a Showa BFRC mono-shock and dual front discs. Undoubtedly, you have to pay some extra money for additional components, and it increases its price. Further, the ZX-4R weighs 22 kg more than the Ninja 400. Keeping differences aside, both bikes are built on a steel trellis chassis.

Design comparison

Kawasaki ZX4 R

Both bikes are beautiful and fit in well with the Ninja family. They have similar headlights to the ZX-6R and a tail section inherited from the ZX-10R. The ZX-4R feels more muscular than the Ninja 400. However, if you want more colours, the Ninja 400 gives you more variety, while the ZX-4R is only available in Kawasaki KRT livery. Furthermore, design is subjective, so make it what you want.

Price comparison

Comparing the above details, the Ninja ZX-4R is the more premium and better-equipped bike of the two 400cc Ninjas. Further, all this comes for an incredibly high price of USD 9,699 (Rs 7.93 lakh). If we compare the prices, ZX-4R is Rs 3,59,744 more than the Ninja 400 and just Rs. 81,760 less than the 2023 Ninja ZX-6R MSRP.


Now, after comparing the major areas of both the bikes, it's visible that a huge amount is being charged for money for a 400cc motorcycle. But, at least to some extent, ZX-4R has enough power to justify the heavy amount with its loaded features. In addition, it is designed for pure motorcycle enthusiasts who want the ultimate riding experience, not necessarily the "perfect" motorcycle. So, if you have $9,699(7.93 lakhs), will you choose the ZX-4R?

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