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BMW R 1300 GS Review: Better Than R 1250 GS or Not?

CalenderPublished at June 14, 2024 by BikeJunction
BMW R 1300 GS Review: Better Than R 1250 GS or Not?

BMW Motorrad has finally launched the new R 1300 GS adventure tourer motorcycle in the Indian market. Many are eager to know how it performs compared to the R1250 GS, which has been a top choice for adventure bikes for years. 

The R1300GS is built on a new platform with a new engine, more technology, and more variants. It is lighter, more powerful, and packed with advanced features. We have covered this article to help you know about the performance of the newly launched BMW adventure motorcycle. 

Let’s know about all the things you need to know about the BMW R1300 GS bike before buying it: 

BMW R1300 GS Review: How’s the Design & Appearance?

BMW R1300 GS Rider Any Angle 
The biggest change BMW made to the new R 1300 GS is in its design. This new look is a major shift from the old GS models, which might be tough for long-time owners to accept. The new R1300 GS is slimmer, more compact, and looks more accessible than the R1250GS. Indeed, the new design aims to make the bike look less intimidating and more appealing to younger riders. 

Moreover, the company is now offering the R 1300 GS in three variants: Style Triple Black, Style GS Trophy, and 719 Tramuntana. Apart from this, it is also available in 4 colour options, including Light White, GS Trophy, Option GS Tramuntana, and Triple Black. 

The front has a new look with fancy LED lights. From the side, the bike has a clean shell design for better aerodynamics, though it still looks big due to its 19-litre fuel tank and large tank shrouds. The aluminium subframe at the rear adds a smart, sharp look. 

BMW R1300 GS Review: Rides Smoothly or Not?

BMW has made big changes to the R 1300 GS, making it more powerful and 6kg lighter. It has a 1300cc engine that produces 149 Nm of torque. It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 225 km/h. It also offers good fuel efficiency at 21 km/l with a 19-litre tank. 

The gearbox is placed under the engine, making it compact. This engine is very smooth and powerful, performing well even at high altitudes. The six-speed gearbox has a tall fifth and sixth gear, with smooth shifts and a light clutch. 

The suspension system, called the EVO telelever, provides great handling and confidence in corners. The bike feels well-balanced, even at low speeds. However, the rear suspension was bouncy in the standard setting but improved in dynamic mode. The seat, though, was stiff and not as comfortable as the R 1250 GS. 

The new design includes a sleek front, LED headlamp, and a lighter frame. It is 12 kg lighter than the R 1250 GS. The bike has strong brakes with 310mm discs, offering great stopping power without much front dive. Off-road, the R 1300 GS performed well, climbing trails easily in Enduro Pro mode. The bike’s dynamics made it easy to handle steep climbs. 

BMW R1300 GS Review: Boasts New & Convenient Features

The BMW R 1300 GS comes with many features that make it a great bike. Some features, however, are only available on the top-end models. For instance, only the 719 variant includes advanced radar technologies like active cruise control, front collision warning, and lane change warning. The adaptive ride height control is an optional feature for the Triple Black variant. 

Despite this, the R 1300 GS offers many standard features. It has multiple riding modes: Eco, Road, Rain, Enduro, and Enduro Pro, with a Dynamic mode for more serious riding. The bike uses the same 6.5-inch full-color TFT screen as the R1250GS, which displays lots of ride information. Riders can select various themes and change the layout of the information using multiswitch buttons. 

Should You Buy it or Not?

Before making a final decision, consider a few things. It genuinely offers better performance features than its predecessor R1250 GS bike. The R1250GS is already comfortable, powerful, and feature-rich. But BMW believes the new R 1300 GS is more convenient. 

The R 1300 GS is lighter, more powerful, and has more features. It's easy to ride, even off-road. It's designed to appeal to younger riders and those new to adventure touring. 

If you're looking for a powerful and comfortable adventure bike, the R 1300 GS is a great choice. It's only Rs 40,000 more than the R 1250 GS which costs Rs 20.55 lakh.  

Apart from this, if you are looking for a street-naked bike, don’t worry because the Ducati Monster 30 Anniversario bike is now available in India.

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