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Yamaha MT-09 Sport Bike based R9: Trademark Filed

Published on January 09, 2023 by BikeJunction

The R9 from Yamaha is most likely to be the next motorbike to join the company's "R" lineup sometime in 2023. The Yamaha R9 is rumoured to make its debut in the latter half of 2023, but there has yet to be an official confirmation of this.

Bridges between parallel-twin R7 and full-fat inline-four R1 have gained a lot of interest. And the R9, with its 888cc inline three-cylinder engine from the MT-09, would be the ideal solution to the problem. Moreover, the fact that every model in Yamaha's MT lineup, with the exception of the MT-09, has a fully-faired equivalent adds to the evidence that the R9 will be available shortly.

In light of this, we may anticipate Yamaha to include the same engine, as well as a similar set of features and technologies, as found in the MT-09. Although the design is unlikely to deviate much from the R1 or R7, the R9 would undoubtedly see minor, aesthetic changes. For example, the rumours claim it may be painted in a red and white livery similar to the original R1.

Yamaha mt-09 sports bike

Yamaha will probably introduce the R9 in 2024. Although the company has stated its intention to export its big-bike lineup to India next year, it is unclear if the R9 will follow suit.

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