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Yamaha Motor Bringing Technological Advancements for Safer Bike Riding Experience

Published on February 27, 2023 by BikeJunction

Yamaha Motor is striving to achieve the goal of zero bike-related traffic accidents. Further, the company is consistently exploring technological advancements to enhance safety while riding.

Yamaha Motor, a prominent Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced its "Safety Vision". The vision can be seen as a part of its recent "Raising safety declaration". 

The President of Yamaha Motors, Yoshihiro Hidaka, provided insights into the company's safety goals. Yamaha has a rich history dating back to 1955 when it launched its inaugural bike, the 'YA-1'. 

This bike was engineered to prioritise passenger safety, offer a comfortable ride, and provide easy movement for riders to apply brakes. Yamaha's safety-focused approach has been maintained to the present day.

According to Yoshihiro Hidaka, the President of Yamaha Motors, a motorcycle is a vehicle where the rider manages the movement of the vehicle using their entire body. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, the rider and machine must operate in perfect harmony, similar to the way the two wheels of a car work together. 

Yamaha Motor is dedicated to fostering a strong bond between people and machines by evolving together to establish a secure society. They aim to accomplish this by focusing on the "technology," "skill," and "connection" of safety and working alongside their customers to develop a society free from accidents. 

Yamaha intends to provide users with the excitement and pleasure of improving their abilities while having fun. Yamaha Motor is committed to achieving zero traffic accidents and is continuously researching technology to support safe riding. 

Heiji Maruyama from Yamaha Motor stated that the brake assist system, which employs millimetre wave technology, is a revolutionary safety measure. If a motorcyclist is in dangerously close proximity to another vehicle, the motorbike automatically applies additional brakes. This system is a world-first and prioritises the rider's intentions and actions, only providing assistance when necessary. 

Additionally, using radio waves to facilitate communication between connected cars and motorcycles is an advanced technology. This allows vehicles to communicate with each other to identify dangerous situations such as concealed access points and proximity to other vehicles.

Yamaha Motor has developed a stable running assist system for low-speed motorbikes to maintain balance and stability while running. Maruyama stated that this system is currently in the research and development stage. Yamaha's goal is to advance the system in the future and offer a commercial assist function. The function that can stably perform avoidance operations like running, turning, and stopping in emergency situations such as accidents.

Yamaha Motor places a strong emphasis on educating riders about safe running practices, which are continuously evolving. They monitor running data such as speed, cornering, and brake timing, and provide riders with feedback to improve their safe driving skills. Yamaha prioritises the safety of its passengers and ensures that all of its motor vehicles are designed to be easy and safe to ride.

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