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Visual Comparison Between Ola S1 Pro vs BGauss RUV 350 Max

CalenderPublished at July 7, 2024 by BikeJunction
Visual Comparison Between Ola S1 Pro vs BGauss RUV 350 Max

The Ola S1 Pro stands out as one of India’s most feature-rich electric scooters, serving as the flagship model for the manufacturer. Recently, BGauss launched the RUV 350, a new electric scooter whose unique design redefines traditional expectations in the E-scooter market. The RUV 350 Max variant competes directly with the S1 Pro, offering a different approach. For a detailed comparison, read more here.


Ola S1 Pro vs BGauss RUV 350 Max seat angle 

The Ola S1 Pro features a unique, sleek and compact design, reflecting the brand’s signature design philosophy. Despite being small and stylish, the scooter commands attention on the road.

BGauss took a different approach with the RUV 350, featuring an unconventional design reminiscent of skeletal scooters commonly seen on the roads of Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. This unique design ensures that the RUV 350 stands out from other scooters in the market.


In terms of performance, the Ola S1 Pro is powered by an 11kW motor that boasts a top speed of 120kmph. Paired with a 4kWh battery pack, it promises a range of 180km in Eco mode and 143km in normal mode.

In contrast, the BGauss RUV 350 has a 3.5kW motor, which gives it a claimed top speed of 75kmph. It also comes equipped with a 3kWh battery pack, which gives it a claimed real-world range of 120km.


When it comes to their bases, these E-scooters are very different. The Ola S1 Pro features a tubular frame and is supported by a telescopic car fork and a monoshock suspension system. It rides on alloy wheels with tubeless tyres and a 220mm wheelbase. The scooter weighs 116 kg.

Similarly, the BGauss RUV 350 uses a tubular frame and features telescopic copper with 5-stage adjustable shock absorbers. It rides on large 16-inch alloy wheels with rimless tyres. 130 mm brakes control the scooter's brakes at both ends. The scooter's weight is 122 kg.


The Ola S1 Pro has a wide range of features, most notably on its 7-inch touch-enabled TFT display. Featuring advanced smartphone connectivity with features like full navigation, call and SMS alerts, and security features like geofencing and anti-theft alerts, the scooter also supports OTA (over-the-air) updates for a detailed description of these features.

The RUV 350 offers a more direct approach. It has a 5-inch non-add-on TFT display with smartphone connectivity, rotation and calls/SMS alerts. Additional features include a hill stop, rollover detection, regenerative braking, and motor cutoffs for the side stand and main stand.

Which One You Should Buy? 

Ola S1 Pro vs BGauss RUV 350 Max side angle

The Ola S1 Pro is priced at Rs 1,29,999 (ex-showroom, including the Electric Mobility Promotion Scheme or EMPS). In contrast, the RUV 350 Max is priced at Rs 1,34,999, which is Rs 5,000 more than the Ola S1 Pro.

Comparing those offerings, it’s clear that the Ola S1 Pro offers better value for its wider features, improved braking, and claimed longer range. However, the BGauss RUV 350 has a significant edge in its larger wheels, which enhance handling with better bumps and potholes and provide excellent cornering stability.

In conclusion, choose the Ola S1 Pro because of its wide range of features, remoteness and robust service network. For those looking for a unique utility vehicle like a motorcycle, the BGauss RUV 350 Max stands out as the best choice.

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