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Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Things You Need to Know!

CalenderPublished at July 10, 2024 by BikeJunction
Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Things You Need to Know!

The new Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 is cheaper than the first generation F77 by Rs 81,000. It is available in two variants, including Original and Recon. Moreover, its price ranges between Rs. 2.99 and 3.99 Lakh. The F77 Mach 2 comes with many new features. We'll tell you if spending money on the Mach 2 is worth it. Here are the key things you need to know about the Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2.  

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Battery Performance  

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 speedometer

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Original and Recon have different batteries and performance. The Original has a 7.1 kWh battery that gives a 211 km range. It makes 35.7 bhp and 90 Nm torque, going from 0-100 kmph in 7.8 seconds. On the other hand, the Recon has a 10.3 kWh battery that offers a range of 323 km. The Recon is stronger, with 39.6 bhp and 100 Nm torque, and reaches 0-100 kmph in 7.7 seconds. Both have three ride modes: Glide, Combat, and Ballistic.  

The first-gen F77 was liked for its performance, and the new Mach 2 bike is similar. The small performance boost is hard to notice in short, slow rides, but it’s still quick and smooth. Electric bikes feel quicker because there are no gears or clutches to interrupt acceleration.   

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Design
Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 rider image

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 is a stylish streetfighter bike inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. The bike now has a stronger aluminium cover for the charging port. It also comes with standard tank grips and new colour options.  

The updated F77 comes in two variants: Original and Recon. Each variant has three versions: Stealth, Laser, and Airstrike. The Stealth version includes Asteroid Grey, Cosmic Black, and Stealth Grey colors. The Laser version has Turbo Red, Afterburner Yellow, and Plasma Red. The Airstrike version comes in Lightning Blue, Stellar White, and Supersonic Silver. This makes a total of nine colour choices for the bike.  

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Features 

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 has many new features. The Recon model has 10 levels of regenerative braking, while the standard Mach 2 has three levels, with 10 levels as an option. The bike includes a traction control system with Sport/Track, City/Street, and Rain/Ice modes. Some features are standard on the Recon but optional on the base Mach 2.  

Other updates include a hill hold assist, a tyre pressure monitoring system (optional), customizable display themes, charge limits, and onboard navigation. The 'Violette AI' package makes the F77 Mach 2 safer. The 'Smart Tech' features include Violette AI, Delta Watch, Lockdown, Crash Alert, Anti-Collision Warning System, and Daily Ride Analytics, all available as optional purchases. These features enhance the bike's safety and performance.  

Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Review: Handling 

The Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 has a sporty riding position with rear-set footpegs and a low clip-on handlebar. The seat height is 800 mm, which is comfortable for a rider of 5’7”. The Recon model weighs 197 kg but feels light once moving. It has a stiff suspension for sporty riding that gives it great handling and confidence in corners. The bike uses special MRF tyres that improve handling.   

The brakes work well, stopping the bike smoothly even under hard braking. The suspension is firm, especially at the rear, similar to the previous model. While not harsh, you will feel every bump on the road.   

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the recently launched Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono.  

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