Top 5 facts about Ultraviolette F77: India's fastest e-bike

CalenderPublished at February 3, 2023 by BikeJunction
Top 5 facts about Ultraviolette F77: India's fastest e-bike

Ultraviolette F77 is the fastest e-bike in India. It is very obvious to draw attention if such a bike comes with loaded features. It became one of the most demanding bikes because of its performance. Further, if we talk away from the features of this bike which attract your attention, there are many unknown facts about the F77. Mentioning some of these unknown facts below- 

Ultraviolette F77 gets two batteries

If you are reading about the F77 for the first time, you may assume that this bike may need more than one battery. Or You may think that its battery needs to be more powerful. Others may feel that it comes with a smaller battery, and that's why the company provided the two batteries. Well, you will be surprised to know that all these points are not relevant by any means. The Ultraviolette F77 battery pack is the largest among all electric two-wheelers available in the country. The battery of Ultraviolette weighs 65kg.

Further, if we talk of the battery capacity of F77, it has a powerful capability of 10.5 kWh. The additional battery in Ultraviolette F77 is kept for support and to provide more power to the bike. The secondary battery is a lead-acid battery.

Aerodynamic & Protective winglets

If we look at the aerodynamic design of the F77, it clearly conveys its sporting intent. Even though the F77 is classified as a naked bike, the body has endings covering the battery. Further, While these winglets look cool and aerodynamic, they serve the added purpose of crash protection. The winglets have metal reinforcements towards the base connected to the battery to protect the e-bike in case of a fall.

Minimum chain sound

It's no secret that electric motorcycles are silent because they are free from engine sound. Hence, you would expect to hear chain noise when riding a chain-driven e-bike. But, surprisingly, the noise level in the F77 is minimal. This is impressive and something that is not seen on many ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) motorcycles.
Ballistic mode upgraded to last longer

You can unleash the full potential of the F77 by riding it in ballistic mode. In the previous iteration, this mode was only allowed when the battery level was between 100 and 70 per cent. However, the ballistic mode can now be activated from a fully charged state until it reaches 30 per cent.

Three Regeneration Modes… So Far

On an ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) sportbike, you rely heavily on braking, especially when racing on hot laps on the track. Likewise, since the F77 is capable of high speed, it needs powerful brakes. The company provides 3 regeneration braking systems in F77. Now, it depends on regenerative braking to take the strain off your brakes. The F77 currently offers three regeneration modes - low, medium and high. However, these modes significantly affected the bike's deceleration. In addition, Ultraviolette will soon introduce 10 levels of regenerative braking via a software update.

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