Significance of IDC Range for Electric Two-Wheelers

CalenderPublished at March 27, 2023 by BikeJunction
Significance of IDC Range for Electric Two-Wheelers

If you are interested in electric two-wheelers, you might have heard of e-scooters and e-motorcycles that are becoming more popular. But looking at their features and specifications, you might wonder what IDC range means for EVs. 

Here is an explanation of this term

IDC range means the distance an EV can travel in Indian Driving Conditions. These conditions are simulated on a machine called a dynamometer instead of real roads

Two-wheeler manufacturers usually send their vehicles to certified testing centres for evaluation. Some of the certified centres are ARAI or ICAT. These tests are fairly consistent and mostly done in a lab.

The tests try to mimic different situations that affect the vehicle’s performance. These situations, such as temperature, load, and road quality, are then tested in the lab. But these tests do not consider how fast the vehicle goes, how much the throttle is used, or how the rider drives in different scenarios

These tests are designed to imitate real-world situations. But the reality outside the lab is always more complex and variable than the one inside the lab. That’s why the certified range number is usually optimistic and idealistic but often lower in actual use. Nevertheless, this number is the best possible range you can get if you drive at a steady speed in the most efficient mode (usually Eco).

For instance, the S1 Pro e-scooter from Ola has a claimed IDC range of 181km. But, many tests showed that it only ran for 147.6km in real-world conditions. The range figures also vary depending on how you use the ride modes and speeds

Moreover, how you handle the throttle greatly affects the range of your electric two-wheeler.

The IDC range that manufacturers advertise for their scooters is not very accurate. So you should not rely on it too much. However, you can still use those numbers to compare different scooters and their efficiency. 

But to get a closer idea of how far an EV can travel, you need more information than just the IDC range. A rough way to calculate the real-world range is to take 70 percent of the IDC range as a reference. Then, you can just multiply the IDC Range by 0.7 to get an estimated real-world range.

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