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River Indie Just Launched: Comparing Top Features with its Competitors

Published on February 27, 2023 by BikeJunction

River, a Bangalore-based EV start-up, has recently launched its new electric scooter - Indie. The e-scooter comes with a price tag of Rs 1,25,000, and the company has already started taking bookings for the same. So, let’s compare this new addition to the market with the existing similar models that it will compete with!

River Indie vs Competitors: Electric Motor, Battery & Charging

River Indie Ola S1 Pro Ather 450X TVS iQube S Bajaj Chetak Vida V1 Pro
Peak motor output 6.7kW 8.5kW 6.2kW 4.4kW 4.2kW 6kW
Continuous motor output NA 5.5kW 3.3kW 3kW 4kW 3.9kW
Rated torque 26 Nm 58 Nm 26 Nm 33 Nm 20 Nm 25 Nm
Claimed top speed 90 kph 116 kph 90 kph 78 kph 69 kph 80 kph
Battery capacity 4 kWh 4kWh 3.7kWh 3.04kWh 2.88kWh 3.94kWh
Claimed ARAI range/world range 120 km (real-world) 181 km (ARAI) 146 km/105 km 100 km (ARAI) 90 km (ARAI) 165 km/95 km
Charging time 0-80% in 5 hrs 0-100% in 6hr30min 0-80% in 4hr30min 0-80% in 4hr30min 0-100% in 4hr 0-80% in 5hr55min

As the table above suggests, River Indie gets ahead of all its competitors with the largest battery while claiming a real-life range of 120 KM. While this number might seem lower than others, you should consider that the numbers are ARAI Certified.

River Indie’s peak power output and torque match closely with Ather 450 X and its claimed top speed of 90 kmph. And lastly, Indie’s charging time also matches with its other competitors. However, Ather, Vida and Ola do come with the option of fast charging, which seems to be missing in Indie.

River Indie vs Competitors: Dimensions & Underpinnings

River Indie Ola S1 Pro Ather 450X TVS iQube S Bajaj Chetak Vida V1 Pro
Wheelbase 1365mm 1359mm 1295mm 1301mm 1330mm 1301mm
Seat height 770mm 792mm 780mm 770mm 762mm 780mm
Ground clearance 165mm 165mm 153mm 157mm 160mm 155mm
Weight 135 kg (approx.) 125 kg 111.6 kg 118.8 kg 133 kg 125 kg
Suspension (f/r) Telescopic fork/Twin shock absorbers Single fork/Monoshock Telescopic fork/Monoshock Telescopic fork/Twin shock absorbers Leading link/Monoshock Telescopic fork/Monoshock
Brakes (f/r) 240mm disc/200mm disc 220mm disc/180mm disc 200mm disc/190mm disc 220mm disc/130mm drum 200mm disc/130mm drum 190mm disc/130mm drum
Tyres (f/r) 120/70-14/120/70-14 110/70-R12/110/70-R12 90/90-12 / 100/80-12 90/90-12 / 90/90-12 90/90-12 / 90/90-12 90/90-12 / 100/80-12
Boot space 43 litres 36 litres 22 litres 17 litres 18 litres 26 litres

The River Indie features the longest wheelbase and probably overall weight. Among all, it is the only e-scooter to have 14-inch wheels with 120-section rubber on either end. Furthermore, it features the largest disc brakes among the lot. And while the weight might look like a lot, given its 770mm seat height, it should allow short riders to get their feet on the road effortlessly.

River Indie and TVS iQube S share a twin shock absorber setup in the rear, while the front has a mono-shock suspension setup. But where Indie takes all the spotlight is its unmatched storage capacity of a 43-litre boot with a 12-litre lockable front cubby, giving the scooter a total of 55 litres storage capacity.

River Indie vs Competitors: Features

BlueTooth connectivity with coloured displays remains available in all the mentioned e-scooter models. However, Indie features a segmented LCD Unit in place of the TFT dash. As of now, Ather 450XOla S1 Pro and Bajaj Chetak are the only electric scooter featuring hill hold functions. While iQube S doesn’t have that, it features a parking brake lever claspRiver Indie features none, but it comes with extendable rider footpegscrash guards, and built-in pannier mounts.

Indie further features a range of practical accessories, including a pair of side cases that can hold 40 litres and a 25 litres top box. It further features a centre stand like V1 ProOla S1 Pro and Chetak. The Hero Vida V1 Pro also has a removable battery feature that can be split into 2 separate packs.

The River Indie comes with 3 riding modes - Eco, Ride & Rush. It boasts a top speed of 55 kmph in Eco, and with Ride and Rush mode, it can achieve up to 90 kmph top speed.

River Indie vs Competitors: Price in India

River Indie Ola S1 Pro Ather 450X TVS iQube S Bajaj Chetak Vida V1 Pro
Price Rs 1.25 lakh Rs 1.3 lakh Rs 1.58 lakh Rs 1.22 lakh Rs 1.52 lakh Rs 1.59 lakh

Looking at the pricing of all the models, River Indie comes out as the most affordable electric scooter out of the lot. Indie is currently only sold in Bengaluru, but the company plans to expand to 50 cities by 2024. Each E-scooter targets its customers with different approaches from conventional petrol scooters, and River Indie is no different. It focuses practically upon performance or a long list of additional features.

We recently covered River Indie’s recent launch and everything the electric scooter is equipped with. Read about River’s first E-scooter launched at 1.25 lakh in India now.

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