Low maintenance Bike in India 2023 | Tips to manage maintenance

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Low maintenance Bike in India 2023 | Tips to manage maintenance

We have different purposes for owning a bike in India. Some of us desire a bike to commute to daily work, and some need the bike for adventure and long rides. Irrespective of the purpose, the most important component for a rider is the mileage and long life of their motorcycle. The mass Indian population is always more interested in low-maintenance bikes in India. There is a famous proverb that if you give respect, you will get respect. If you respect your Motorbike in terms of its care, maintenance and timely servicing, it will never disappoint you. The performance of any motorcycle is directly related to its maintenance. 

There are various segments when it comes to Motorcycle maintenance. Broadly speaking, there can be two categories of Bikes with respect to maintenance. The first can be a low-maintenance bike in India, and another will be those bikes that demand high maintenance. Some bikes are designed so rough and tough that they prove the ultimate survivor for a long period of time, whereas, on the other hand, in some cases, they can’t survive long due to the low maintenance of the bike. The bikes which have more technical features and light and fibre parts and are loaded with specifications will need more care than those which are simply put on a well-designed, tough metallic structure. Earlier, when Hero Honda was together building motorcycles, they got high popularity in rural India. The reason behind their Success was the low-maintenance bikes with rough and tough designs.

Top 10 Low-Maintenance Bikes In India

As discussed above, India is a country with most of its regions in rural India, followed by towns and cities. The major demand is generated from rural regions only. As the roads are challenging in rural India, the use of bikes carries completely different purposes as compared to cities where bikes are just a means of transportation or commuting to an office. In villages, fancy garages and advanced mechanics are not available. Maybe service centre locations are also too distant from the bike owner’s home. In such a situation, it becomes the basic need of the owner to look for a low-maintenance bike. Here, we are providing the top 10 bikes, which are already top-selling in their segment and they demand minimum maintenance. 

1. Bajaj Platina 100 
2. Bajaj CT 100
3. TVS Radeon 
4. Hero Splendor Plus 

5. Honda CD 110 Dream
6. Yamaha Saluto RX 
7. Honda SP 125
8. Honda CB Unicorn 150
9. Bajaj Pulsar 125 
10. Hero Glamour FI

Bike Servicing Guide

The bike maintenance guide is very important for all the users who are not much aware of the mechanism, technical words and other functions of the bike. Bike checklist maintenance is also the owner’s responsibility as when such users visit service-centres to service their bikes, mechanics can tell them to change parts which may not be required to be changed for the time being. To save customers from such ignorance, the company provides a complete guide in the form of a user manual. But as an Indian, I’m writing from my experience that most of us just play with pages, and then that manual will never be opened in future to read motorcycle maintenance tips. This information will help in bike maintenance for beginners too. If you are reading it here, we are going to provide you with important points that you should know about Bike Servicing-

Bike servicing guide

  • Pre-Delivery of Bike

When you deliver your bike at the service centre, it is the responsibility of the dealer to pre-examine your bike from scratch, tyre pressure, engine oil, basic electronics, any accessory (if to be fitted), user manual and warranty card to claim if it covers anything related. New customers should check the bike at their end before delivering to avoid false claims.

  • Warranty card

Check your warranty dates carefully and keep your warranty card protected so that you can find it easily when you have to claim it.

  • 1st Service

Generally, automobile companies recommend the first servicing at 500-700 km or 1 month from the date of purchase. It is recommended to change the engine oil if the bike hasn't run more. It is because the engine is new, and some minute metallic parts may get contaminated, which can create damage. Keep your fuel tank low while going for the Service. During the free services , keep an eye on the motorcycle maintenance checklist because it will help you understand the policies and technical knowledge. 

  • 2nd Service

You will be called for Second Service at 2500 to 2700 km or from 4 months from the purchase of the bike. Clutch plates will be changed essentially along with the engine oils. All nuts and bolts will be checked. The chain lubrication will be done. They will change the parts or accessories if required.   

  • 3rd Service

You need to visit the service centre again after 7 months from the date of purchase of your bike or after riding 4500-5000 km, depending upon which one arrives earlier. It is possible that your bike has some banging or damage since it has been used longer. The mechanics will change engine oils and other oils if required, and they will replace damaged parts on your say.  

  • 4th Service

4th Service is called after 9 months of riding 6500 to 7000 km. They will now change the clutch plate and anything if additionally required. 

  • End of Free Service

As you have enjoyed free labour charges during free services, now you have to pay labour charge amounts which vary from brand to brand and model to model. It is recommended that you get servicing for your bike after riding every 2000 km. It may truly lower the performance of your bike if you delay in servicing for a long run.

Self-maintenance and riding rules must be followed

One of the valuable lines which I have read on a safety board- is “Better late, then dead on time”. In India or even in the world, road accidents can be seen on news channels or newspapers very frequently. Mostly the cause of the accidents is uncontrollable rides. When we don’t follow traffic rules and keep rash driving as a habit, we meet unimagined collisions. As important as the maintenance of a bike is, equally important is riding with safety. It is a well-known fact among riders that the highest mileage can be drawn from any bike if you ride at an economy range and do not play with throttle and gears, as the Indian automobile market is more oriented towards designing low-maintenance bikes in India for rural as well as urban regions so safety maintenance should be prior for riders.

Bike maintenance checklist to retain your motorcycle as new

1. Timely servicing
2. Following manual
3. Changing engine oil
4. Maintenance of air pressure
5. Brake pads and Brake shoe
6. Lubrication of chain
7. Clutch wires
8. Timely brake shoe repairs
9. Air filter
10. Coolant (if required)
11. Engine oil
12. Tyre condition
13. Check for loose parts
14. Battery condition
15. Check for lighting (Headlights, tail lamps and side indicators)

Let’s wrap up the discussion quickly.

The overall discussion of new Bike maintenance tips orbiting around the performance of your bike. Whenever you plug in the key and start riding your motorcycle, keep the bike maintenance checklist updated. Try to get servicing from authorised service centres as they have educated and experienced mechanics as compared to local street shops. Do not use duplicate or supply parts in your motorcycle in order to save money. Duplicate parts may cost you less penny, but they are prone to be damaged or non-responsive.

For example, if the brakes of your motorcycle are not working, you can get cheap brake shoes from a local shop but they may not perform well and if you speed up on highways there is a high chance your brakes will be damaged easily. When you purchase a new bike, a new bike checklist will be provided with more points which may be missing in the current blog. In such cases, it is completely the owner’s responsibility to take care of the checklist and maintenance. Even the basic knowledge of motorcycles can help you for bike maintenance at home .BikeJunction brings you all the essential news and updates related to your bike. Stay updated and keep reading more to keep your bike updated.



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