Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles Launching 7-8 New Models | Here’s What We Know So Far

CalenderPublished at April 2, 2024 by BikeJunction
Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles Launching 7-8 New Models | Here’s What We Know So Far

Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles, led by CEO Ashish Singh Joshi, plans to roll out Jawa 7-8 bikes in the current financial year (2024-25). These launches will include updated and brand-new models, marking an exciting expansion for the company. Although Joshi has yet to provide the exact timing for the next release, it's anticipated to be imminent. 

The recently introduced Jawa 350 has a larger engine, enhanced chassis, and wider tyres that reflect the brand's commitment to innovation and improvement. The new Jawa 350 is an ideal model under the 350-450 cc bikes category, and people really like it because it has more personality and works better in the 350cc classic bike category. Moreover, Jawa-Yezdi's forthcoming bikes in India promise to bring fresh options and experiences to motorcycle enthusiasts.

What Did Ashish Singh Respond About The Brand’s Future Products? 

Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles fuel tank

Ashish Joshi mentioned that when it comes to future products,“ there is a lot of excitement, and a line-up of products”. They plan to launch as many as 7-8 Jawa-Yezdi new bikes in the current financial year.

The CEO of Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles said,” “There is a line-up of products. I wouldn’t put a number to it, but about 7-8 products have been lined up in the financial year. And when I say 7-8 products, you’ll see upgrades, you’ll see updates. You’ll also see us entering a couple of new segments as well, so that’s the kind of exciting line-up that we have.”

Moreover, He also revealed the Jawa Mega service camps in which they've begun large service camps in about 20 cities across 35 dealerships. In these camps, they're replacing rusted parts on affected motorcycles for free and offering extended warranties on some bikes after checking them properly.

He said,” Let me say this. We acknowledge that we had issues on aesthetics, as in rust on some parts, related to the first lot of bikes that we were selling. But there was no structural failure, there was no engine trouble, there was no safety related, no breaking, none of that. And what we have done for our customer base since is that we’ve started doing mega service camps from December. And when we call it a mega service camp, it’s not like a free service camp or something that you come and get your bike attended to,”

Ashish Singh said,” “So, who is eligible for this mega service camp? The first two years of our production base is eligible for this. And what is it that we would do? So, if we find rust on your machine, we will change the parts. And there’s no cost of changing those parts and the labour for that. All of that will be paid by us. We will have factory people in the camp who will re-assess your motorcycle and based on that assessment, you could walk away with between 6-12 months of factory-backed warranty. So, manufacturer-backed warranty for 6 to 12 months. 

“So, imagine you come in with a motorcycle which is produced in 2019. Here you are, in 2023 or 2024, so almost four years or five years later, you could walk away with a manufacturer warranty of between 6 to 12 months. This is completely unheard of in any part of the world, and secondly, being India. Taking care of a customer who has been with you for four years or five years, again unheard of. We will cover the first two years of our production base and then go from there,”

Moreover, if you are willing to purchase a Jawa-Yezdi bikes, its new Jawa 350 model priced at 2.46 Lakh (ex-showroom) must be a good option. 

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