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Introducing Suzuki's Reliable Electric Scooter with Fixed Battery Pack for India

CalenderPublished at July 10, 2024 by BikeJunction
Introducing Suzuki's Reliable Electric Scooter with Fixed Battery Pack for India

Suzuki is expected to launch its first e-scooter for India in December after figuring out how to enter the electric scooter market. Unlike the e-Burgman, which has been tested several times in India, the new scooter is equipped with a fixed battery, making a big difference that will be marked between the two models. 


Will have a fixed battery pack

Expected annual sales volume of 25,000 units

Suzuki electric scooter details, India launch  

Codenamed XF091 and Its Unique Battery Design

Suzuki electric scooter Side Angle
Codenamed XF091, Suzuki's first electric scooter for the Indian market could get a fixed battery pack, like most electric scooters available. Production is likely to start in December, with an expected rollout in the first three months of the year next year. Suzuki is targeting a production volume of 25,000 units of the e-scooter per year. 

A year ago, Suzuki unveiled the e-Burgman scooter with a swappable battery pack. Despite being spotted several times during testing in India, it is still being determined how similar the Indian-spec Suzuki electric scooter is to its Japanese counterpart. The e-scooter has yet to be named, although it could be with popular Suzuki Access and Burgman models. The established have come together to brand -benefit from recognition. 

Wrapping up

Suzuki is all set to launch its first-ever electric scooter in India, featuring a stand-alone battery pack as opposed to the swappable battery of the e-Burgman seen in Indian trials. Production will begin in December, with an estimated annual sales volume of 25,000 units, and the aim is to break into the first year and the other year. Codenamed XF091, the model marks Suzuki’s entry into India’s electric scooter market, with an emphasis on reliability for local customers. How this model resembles its Japanese counterpart remains to be seen. Suzuki can brand itself with popular models like Access and Burgman, leveraging its established market presence.

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