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India's 5 Most Awaited Upcoming Scooters to Launch in 2024

CalenderPublished at July 11, 2024 by BikeJunction
India's 5 Most Awaited Upcoming Scooters to Launch in 2024

As we've already entered 2024, the scooter market in India is gaining much attention. With advances in engineering, design, and overall performance, the trendy models promise to provide more than just a ride—they provide an experience. Whether you’re seeking out an environmentally pleasant scooter elegant layouts or rugged performance for the daily trip, there’s something for everyone.      

Let’s test the top five upcoming scooters that might redefine your commuting experience in 2024. From their excellent features to extraordinary comfort, these scooters are well worth considering for your subsequent two-wheeled partner.     

Honda Activa 7G     
Honda Activa 7G any angle

The Honda Activa 7G is ready to revolutionise the scooter marketplace with its state-of-the-art features and fashionable design. This trendy model offers better fuel economy, an extra powerful engine, and advanced connectivity. With more suitable consolation and reliability, the Activa 7G is perfect for day-to-day commutes and weekend trips. 

Honda Activa 7G

Engine Displacement110 cc
Mileage55 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5 L
Estimated Price Range₹ 80,000 - 90,000


Hero Xoom 160    
Hero Xoom 160 any angle

Introducing the Hero Xoom 160, which is about to revolutionise your use in 2024. With its smooth design, effective 156cc engine and superior features, this scooter guarantees a mixture of performance and style. Ideal for town commuting, the Xoom 160 offers an incredible fuel economic system, efficiency and modern-day era, making it the precise preference for these modern days’s riders.

Hero Xoom 160

Engine Displacement156 cc
Mileage40 Kmpl
Estimated Price Range₹ 1.10 - 1.20 Lakh


Zontes 350E   
Zontes 350E any angle

The upcoming Zontes 350E guarantees to be a sport-changer inside the scooter marketplace. With a powerful 349cc engine, smooth layout, and superior features like keyless ignition and virtual display, it offers each style and overall performance. Perfect for city commutes and long rides, the Zontes 350E units are a new widespread for modern scooters.

Hero Xoom 160

Engine Displacement349 cc
Mileage28 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity16 L
Estimated Price Range₹ 5 Lakh


Yamaha Cygnus GT  
Yamaha Cygnus GT any angle

Set for release in 2024, the Yamaha Cygnus GT combines the latest era with a stylish layout. Its powerful engine, stepped-forward protection, and first-rate fuel efficiency make it ideal for city use. With snug seating and expensive aesthetics, the Cygnus GT guarantees a clean and fun experience, making it a premium preference for scooter enthusiasts.

Yamaha Cygnus GT

Engine Displacement110 cc
Mileage50 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5 L
Estimated Price Range₹ 80,000 - 1 Lakh

Keeway Iskia 125 
Keeway Iskia 125 any angle

The upcoming Keeway Iskia 125 is set to impress, merging modernisation and performance. Powered by an effective 124.6cc engine, this luxury scooter offers wonderful dealing with and overall performance. With its modern design, comfortable seats and advanced functions, the Keeway Iskia 125 guarantees to be a top-notch choice for urban commuters and scooter enthusiasts.

Keeway Iskia 125

Engine Displacement124.6 cc
Mileage25 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5 L
Estimated Price Range₹ 2.20 - 2.50 Lakh

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