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FB Mondial Piega 125 Revealed! Here’s All You Need to Know!

Published on January 19, 2023 by BikeJunction

In recent years, 125cc “performance” commuter bikes have become increasingly popular, especially in European nations where more young people are choosing to ride, and the strict A2 licencing system is the norm. These bikes’ performance figures may not be much to swoon over, but their aesthetic certainly is. The FB Mondial Piega 125, which has been upgraded for 2023, is one such instance.

The Piega 125, a strong competitor to the KTM 125 Duke, gets decked out in new colour schemes for the next model year. First up is a three-colour dual-tone paint choice in blue, silver, and black. The entry-level motorbike does seem sleek and futuristic in this colour. Additionally available to European clients are the black and blue colour scheme and the black paint option with a beautiful bronze finish on the frame and wheels.

The Piega 125 is powered by a 124cc single that produces a meagre 14 horsepower but is comparable to the KTM 125 Duke and the Yamaha MT125, which is sold abroad. The motorbike has full-LED lighting, CBS, and a classy-looking set of gold upside-down forks, among other amenities. Additionally, it has a colour TFT display as standard equipment and, for a little extra money, ABS as well.

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