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Auto Expo 2023: Tork Motors Showcases its New Electric Bike- Updated Kratos R

Published on January 11, 2023 by BikeJunction

Auto Expo 2023: At the Auto Expo Show, Tork Motors just displayed a brand-new electric motorcycle and the upgraded Tork Kratos R. The Tork T6X, the first concept e-motorcycle from the EV start-up, was first unveiled in 2016. The Tork Kratos and Tork Kratos R made their appearance in 2022. From January 2023, the ex-showroom costs for both electric motorcycles are anticipated to be Rs. 1.32 lakh and Rs. 1.47 lakh, respectively. The Axial Flux Motor is a feature that these vehicles are the first to offer. Customers can reserve these bikes via the business's website.

While the Tork Kratos R features a 9kW motor that produces 6bhp and 38Nm, the Tork Kratos is being powered by a 7.5kW electric motor that delivers 5.2bhp and 28Nm.

The electric motorcycles are believed to have a range of 180 kilometres on a single charge and a 4kWh Li-ion battery pack. In addition, the company claims that the updated model will outperform the current model in terms of appearance.

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