Auto Expo 2023: Cake, a Sweden-Based EV Manufacturer, Enters India with 3 New EVs

CalenderPublished at January 16, 2023 by BikeJunction
Auto Expo 2023: Cake, a Sweden-Based EV Manufacturer, Enters India with 3 New EVs

The Swedish EV company Cake displayed its EV portfolio at the Auto Expo 2023. With its Makka, Osa, and Kalk lineup of electric bikes catering to both B2B and B2C applications, Cake has appeared at India’s biggest auto event.

The Swedish company is known for making some very high-tech electric vehicles (EVs) with Ohlins-developed suspension systems and racing-derived brakes that offer plenty of power, especially in the case of the Kalk range, which can also go off the beaten path.

Cake Makka 

The Makka Flex & Makka Flex :work are the models on display at Auto Expo 2023 from Cake’s Urban Commuter series of electric motorcycles.

With its 15 kWh battery pack, the Makka Flex has a 54 km range on a single charge. It takes 3 hrs to charge the battery pack fully. A mid-mounted motor with a maximum output of 3.75 horsepower and 60 Nm (at the wheel) is powered by the Makka Flex’s batteries, enabling the electric commuter bike to reach a top speed of 45 km/h.

With the Makka Flex :work, the battery capacity is doubled to 3kWh, extending the range to 100km. Additionally, charging time increases to 6 hours. The electric motor’s maximum power output increases to 4.42 horsepower while the torque stays constant. Both Makka models have 14-inch spoked rims as their wheels.

Cake Osa

The Osa+ and the Osa+:work are part of the Osa lineup on display. Even more potent and marketed as a high-performance utility vehicle is the Osa lineup. A 3.5 kWh battery pack provides the Osa+ with a 111 km range on a single charge. The mid-mounted electric motor is powered by the battery pack, which charges in 4.5 hours and has a maximum output of 12 bhp and 151 Nm (at the wheel). The Osa+ weighs 97.5kg, can travel above 90 km/h, and needs an A1 licence to operate in Europe.

The Osa+:work is identical to the Osa+, except that it increases the power to 13.41 bhp. Both bikes have 14-inch forged wheels and CNC aluminium hubs made by Cake and have a 220 mm ground clearance.

Cake Kalk 

The Cake Kalk, the last and most potent EV on show at Auto Expo 2023, completes the lineup. The Kalk & the Kalk :work is on display. Both bikes in the Kalk lineup have a 300mm ground clearance and require A1 licences in Europe. They are powered by a 2.5kWh battery pack with an 86 km range.

The Kalkmid-mounted &’s motor produces 13.41 bhp and 252 nm of torque (at the wheels), while the Kalk :work increases the output to 14.75 horsepower. The bikes may reach a top speed of more than 90 km/h.

The Kalk& has a front and rear suspension system by Ohlins that provides up to 202 mm of travel, and it sits on 19-inch wheels covered in dual-sport tyres. The Kalk :work has direct-mount rear shocks for convenience and strength and an MX front suspension with 200m of travel. The Kalk :work vehicles have 18-inch Continental TKC80 off-road tyres mounted on them.

At Auto Expo 2023, Swedish EV maker Cake displayed some really intriguing motorcycles that more than piqued our interest and made us want to get in the saddle, particularly with its Kalk series despite the seat height of 926mm.



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