Auto Expo 2023: Bikes & Scooters You Need to Look Out For!

CalenderPublished at January 6, 2023 by BikeJunction
Auto Expo 2023: Bikes & Scooters You Need to Look Out For!

AutoExpo 2023 is quickly approaching, and this year's expo will feature a variety of electric two-wheeler manufacturers from both India and outside. However, only bikes under the Adishwar Auto Rides India (AARI) banner will be seen in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) camp, which comprises Keeway, Benelli, QJ Motors, Zontes, and Moto Morini.

Tork Motors

Next generation e-bike

Tork Motors stated that its "next-generation e-motorcycle" will be displayed at the 2023 Auto Expo. At present, details on the new e-bike are scarce; the bike could be built on an entirely new platform, or it could be a more expensive version of the Kratos R. The new-generation Tork bike will almost certainly have a more sophisticated instrument cluster, more power, a longer battery range, and faster charging capabilities.

Updated Kratos R

Kratos R

Tork Motors will exhibit an updated Kratos R electric motorcycle with "new and better looks," implying that the bike may receive some cosmetic changes. Furthermore, the Kratos R may receive new features.

Matter Energy

Matter Energy just presented its much-anticipated motorcycle, and the name and pricing of the bike are likely to be announced during Auto Expo 2023. The Matter e-bikes features several firsts, including ABS and a 4-speed gearbox. The bike comes with a 5.0 kWh liquid-cooled battery with a range of 125-150km. The motor has a power rating of 10.5kW.

In addition to unveiling its first electric motorcycle, Matter Energy will present a few designs that will provide insight into the company's future EVs. They'll have liquid-cooled battery packs, touchscreen instrument panels, and other futuristic features.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette F77

At the event, Ultraviolette will display its recently released F77 electric motorcycle. These bikes come in two variations: Original and Recon and each has an IDC range of 207–307 kilometres. The Recon is said to produce a high of 29kW and 95 Nm of torque, compared to Original's 27kW and 85 Nm. Currently, the Ultraviolette F77 is the most costly electric motorcycle available. Prices for the Original start at Rs 3.80 lakh and rise to Rs 4.55 lakh for the Recon.

Greaves Electric Mobility

At the occasion, Greaves Electric will display a fresh lineup of Ampere electric vehicles. The migrating bird known as the Arctic Tern is credited with inspiring the aerodynamic and practical design of the new EVs. The EVs will also have a brand-new navigation system with an intuitive user interface.

A new low-speed electric two-wheeler from Ampere that is intended to handle India's "gullies" is also anticipated to be unveiled. This implies that the EV is designed to provide rapid and effective travel through confined locations, with its light weight and manoeuvrability aiding matters.

LML Emotion

LML Emotion

In an all-electric guise, the LML brand has made a comeback, and the company will exhibit the Moonshot electric motorcycle and the Star maxi-scooter at the AutoExpo 2023. A pedal-assisted e-bike with looks reminiscent of a supermoto, the LML Moonshot has a flat bench-style seat and a beaky front fender. The portable battery is located in the belly section's front, and the engine appears to be built into the back wheel hub. The e-bike has two power levels with a top speed of 70 mph: Surge and City.

The LML Star electric maxi-scooter has a mid-mounted motor that uses a belt drive method to provide power to the rear tire. Monoshocks and a telescoping fork support the chassis.


Leoncino 800

Benelli will display the Leoncino 800, which has recently had its chassis and suspension modified. Its liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 754 cc twin-cylinder engine produces 76.2hp at 8,500rpm and 67 Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. A 6-speed gearbox, aided by a slipper clutch, transfers power to the back wheel. However, Benelli is most likely merely displaying the bike to assess buyer reaction.

 Benelli 752 S

Benelli will also display the 752 S street naked motorcycle in addition to the Leoncino 800. It is powered by a powerful 754cc parallel-twin engine with 77hp and 67 Nm of torque. It competes with the likes of the Kawasaki Z650.

In addition to these bikes, Benelli will display its existing motorcycle lineup, which includes the 502C and TRK models.


Keeway-Benda BD500 Cruiser

Keeway-Benda BD500 cruiser

This bike's main selling feature is its 496cc V4 engine, which generates 45Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm and 56.3 bhp at 10,000 rpm. Cylinder deactivation technology, which switches down the rear cylinder bank at idle (another innovation featured on the Ducati Diavel V4), is a feature of the engine that should aid in heat management and slightly improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the slash-cut fenders and the large exhaust draw attention to the style, which is also rather intriguing.

Keeway-Benda LFC 700

Keeway-Benda LFC 700

The LFC 700 will be the brand's flagship cruiser at its Auto Expo booth and is guaranteed to draw lots of attention thanks to its eye-catching look. With a big fuel tank and a sleek tail section, the low-slung cruiser has a menacing appearance. Not to mention the 310-section rear tyre, which draws a lot of attention. In that regard, the bike is powered by a 680cc four-cylinder engine with 84.5hp and 92.5hp outputs. In addition, the bike with the latter engine tuning also receives improved features such as a slipper clutch and Brembo brakes.

Keeway SR 250 

Keeway SR 250

Keeway will display the SR 250, a 250cc version of the recently announced SR 125 throwback scrambler in India. The Keeway SR 250 will be styled similarly to the SR 125 but with different wheels, tyres, and suspension. It will also be more equipped than the bare-bones SR 125.


Zontes already sells five motorcycles in India, and it wants to target clients in the cheaper segment by launching four 200cc motorcycles. They will also show out maxi-scooters in the 350cc category.

Moto Bologna Passione MBP

At the Auto Expo, two bikes from the newly acquired by China Italian company Moto Bologna Passione will be unveiled.



A 486cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that produces 45Nm at 6,750 rpm and 51hp at 8,500 rpm powers the M502N. The engine is tuned to a 6-speed automatic transmission. KYB's preload-adjustable fork and mono-shock handle suspension responsibilities.

The Moto Morini Seiemmezzo 6½ and the street naked will compete against one another.

C1002V Cruiser

MBP C1002V cruiser

At the 2022 EICMA in India, a large, robust cruiser known as the C1002V was shown to the world. A 997cc, V-twin engine producing 94hp and 102 Nm powers the motorcycle. Although these numbers are respectable, the bike also boasts features like Bluetooth connectivity and a TFT display. But its vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle-inspired appearance could also appeal to some folks. The debut of this bike in India by MBP has not been announced, though.

QJ Motors

QJ Motors

The SRC 250 and SRC 500 retros, the SRK 400 streetfighter, and the SRV 300 cruiser are the latest products that QJ Motors has introduced to the Indian market. In the event, these bikes will be on exhibit, and the company will also display three 125cc bikes. In addition, the SRK 400 in a faired configuration will also be on show.



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