FADA: 2-Wheelers Retail Sales Clocks a Dip of 11.19% in December 2022

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FADA: 2-Wheelers Retail Sales Clocks a Dip of 11.19% in December 2022

According to December 2022 sales data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), the Indian 2W segment showed a significant fall of 11.19% YoY, when compared to December 2021.

For December 2022, 11,33,138 units of total 2-wheelers were sold in the Indian market. This indicates a decrease in the total 2-wheeler sales in India by 1,42,756 units, translating to an 11.19% year-on-year decrease in total 2-wheeler retail. The figures for the total 2-wheeler sold in the Indian market for December 2021 stood at 12,75,894 units.

This year too, we see Hero MotoCorp leading the entire 2-wheeler market in India with more than 3,30,175 units sold. However, the company did see a dip of 25.60% YoY, with the December 2021 sales figure at 4,43,809 units.

Second on the list is the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., which saw a growth of 3.12%, with 2,94,011 units sold this year and 2,84,998 units last year of the same month. TVS Motor Company bagged 3rd place, but with a dip of 7.55%, with 1,76,072 units sold this year and 1,90,457 units sold last year in the same month.

In the electric two-wheeler market, Ola electric is the number one player with a growth percentage of a whopping 7100% this year. The company sold 17,280 units in December 2022 as compared to 240 units in December 2021.

Ola Electric was followed by Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, which saw a growth of 33.49%, with 8,091 units sold in December 2022 as compared to 6,061 units sold in December 2021. Ather Energy Pvt Ltd also saw a massive growth of a whopping 321.73%, with 7,646 sold in December 2022 as compared to 1,813 units in December 2021.

Find below the complete list of all the 2-wheeler manufacturers and their sales and market share this year compared to last year of the same month.

Two-Wheeler OEMDEC'22DEC'21Growth (%)Market Share (%), DEC'22Market Share (%), DEC'21Market Share (%) Growth
Hero Motocorp Ltd3,30,1754,43,809-25.60%29.14%34.78%-5.64%
Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India (P) Ltd2,94,0112,84,9983.12%25.95%22.34%3.61%
Tvs Motor Company Ltd1,76,0721,90,457-7.55%15.54%14.93%0.61%
Bajaj Auto Ltd1,25,8541,64,133-23.32%11.11%12.86%-1.75%
Royal-Enfield (Unit Of Eicher Ltd)56,02841,67534.44%4.94%3.27%1.67%
Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd53,04342,64324.38%4.68%3.34%1.34%
India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd39,86039,3571.27%3.52%3.08%1.78%
Ola Electric Technologies Pvt Ltd17,2802407100%1.52%0.02%1.5%
Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd8,0916,06133.49%0.71%0.48%0.23%
Ather Energy Pvt Ltd7,6461,813321.73%0.67%0.14%0.53%
Okinawa Autotech Pvt Ltd5,2796,101-13.47%0.47%0.48%-0.01%
Ampere Vehicles Private Limited4,4083,34331.85%0.39%0.26%0.13%
Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd2,7113,790-28.46%0.24%0.30%-0.06%
Classic Legends Pvt Ltd2,6812,4847.93%0.24%0.19%0.05%
Okaya Ev Pvt Ltd1,449--0.13%0.00%-
Being India Energy And Technology Pvt Ltd9661,094-11.7%0.09%0.09%-
Pur Energy Pvt Ltd7801,685-53.7%0.07%0.13%-0.06%
Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd749--0.07%0.00%-
Jitendra New Ev-Tech Pvt. Ltd66949335.69%0.06%0.04%0.02%
Bgauss Auto Private Limited592--0.05%0.00%-
Others Including EV4,79441,718-88.5%0.42%3.27%-2.85%

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Image Source : BikedekhoAther Energy has finally confirmed that it will be officially launching the Rizta electric scooter on April 6 at the Ather Community Day 2024 event in Bangalore. This electric scooter is designed to cater to the family needs of Indians, with a focus on affordability and passenger comfort. The scooter showcases a sleek design with ample footboard space and a comfortable seat.It's expected that the Ather Rizta will share the same battery as the Ather 450S. However, Ather may introduce a larger battery variant of the Rizta in the future. Previously, the Ather Rizta was teased on Instagram by comedian Anubhav Singh Bassi, which caught a lot of attention. Ather Rizta Family Scooter: Features & Specifications The Ather Rizta is going to use a battery similar to the Ather 450S with a 2.9kWh capacity, offering a certified range of 115 km. Similar to the 450S, the Rizta is likely to feature an LCD instrument console with mobile phone connectivity and different riding modes. This family e-scooter will have 12-inch wheels on both ends and a mid-mounted motor like other Ather models.The Ather Rizta's design incorporates a chunky back grab rail and a horizontal bar-type headlight with a tail light. These features are pointed to give comfort and safety to riders. Moreover, the Rizta electric scooter aims to offer a charming riding experience for families with its spacious footboard and comfortable seat.Ather Rizta Family Scooter: Price & Rivals The Ather Rizta is anticipated to launch at approximately Rs 1.30 lakh (including FAME 2 subsidy). Moreover, this scooter will rival other electric scooters in the market, such as the TVS iQube, Hero Vida V1 Pro, and the Bajaj Chetak.Ather Electric Scooter’s Current Portfolio In IndiaAther Energy is a main player in India's growing electric scooter market. One of its models - the Ather 450S, is a new addition to the brand that offers an entry-level Ather experience. It's a famous option for riders on a budget.The flagship model, Ather 450X, is known for its superior performance, long-range ability, and feature-rich package. It incorporates a strong Warp mode, a large touchscreen dashboard with navigation, and fast charging skills. Besides, it also has a limited edition scooter (Ather 450 Apex) with exceptional top-level features.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the comparison between Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and Apache RTR 160 4V bike.Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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VinFast is a Vietnamese EV manufacturer that has recently made significant strides in India. The company has earned recognition with 10 awards, showcasing its dedication to innovation and quality. They signed a deal with the Tamil Nadu government to build an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant just over 50 days ago. Moreover, they officially began construction on February 25 on the plant in Thoothukudi. Now, VinFast has taken one more step by enrolling a design patent for one of its electric scooters in India. The scooter is Klara S and is important for VinFast's line-up of electric vehicles. This move signifies VinFast's commitment to extending its presence in India's EV market. Vinfast Klara S: Design & AestheticsVinfast Klara S electric scooter has a unique design that gives great power and a rich look to the vehicle. Its smooth shapes and refined aesthetics make it a stand-out choice on congested roads. It has a seat height of 760mm and runs at a top speed of 78 kmph. Besides, VinFast has consistently combined the quintessence of Italian design with current technologies, making a scooter that looks great and performs well. Vinfast Klara S: Smart TechnologyThis electric scooter comes with integrated eSim technology that enables owners to manage and locate their vehicles remotely through a mobile app. Moreover, this smart feature adds extra convenience, allowing users to stay connected with their scooters. It has 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS connections, and it links to your phone. With the Klara app, you can check battery, GPS, ride info and scheduling maintenance. Vinfast Klara S: Performance and DurabilityVinfast Klara S electric scooter delivers unmatched performance and durability. This EV offers a range of 120 km on a single charge and conquers long-distance journeys with ease. Moreover, Klara S boasts water resistance capabilities, allowing it to operate reliably even when submerged in water up to 0.5 meters for 30 minutes. It has a robust chassis that can comfortably accommodate a load of up to 150 kg. This makes it ideal for families or carrying heavy cargo. Vinfast Klara S: Advanced Lithium BatteryIt is fitted with an advanced lithium battery system powered by LG Chem that offers high power, large capacity, and outstanding durability. Furthermore, Klara S ensures a smooth and reliable ride while minimising environmental impact due to its efficient energy management. By opting for electric power over traditional internal combustion engines, Klara S contributes to zero air pollution. Moreover, it helps to protect the environment and promote green living. Vinfast Klara S: Stylish Colours & PricingVinfast Klara S EV allows users to express their style and preferences with seven colour schemes. It includes Black, red, white, blue, matte black, nurturing green and moss green. Moreover, Klara S price starts from Rs. 1.18 Lakh. VinFast ensures clarity and fairness in every transaction with reasonable pricing that includes VAT and excludes batteries and chargers.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the TVS’ best-selling bike, Raider 125. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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TVS Apache RTR 160 was introduced in 2006 and marked the beginning of TVS's iconic Apache series. The most recent addition, the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, carries forward this inheritance with its sharp design, high-tech features, and strong four-valve engine. The Apache RTR 160 4V stands apart as a well-known choice in the Indian market. The Bajaj Pulsar NS160 first hit the Indian market in 2012, following its bigger sibling, the NS200. Over time, improvements in features and design have made the NS160 a favoured option among bikes in the 160cc category. Now, if you need clarification on whether the Pulsar NS160 or the Apache RTR 160 4V is better suited for your needs. We are providing a detailed comparison of the features and specifications of both bikes. This will help you make a quick and informed decision. Engine Performance: Pulsar NS 160 & Apache RTR 160 4VApache RTR 160 4V is fitted with a 159.7cc BS6 engine that generates 17.31 bhp and 14.73 Nm of torque. On the contrary, the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 features a bigger 160.3cc BS6 engine that delivers 14.6 Nm torque and 17.03 bhp. Besides, both motorcycles have a 5-speed gearbox for consistent gear shifting. The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V ensures smooth gear changes and improves the riding experience with a multi-plate clutch. Likewise, the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 has a similar clutch and gives a responsive transmission that permits riders to explore different street conditions. Design & Appearance: Pulsar NS 160 & Apache RTR 160 4VThe Apache RTR 160 4V accompanies a smooth and sporty design, which is characterised by sharp lines and aggressive styling. It includes a unique headlamp with signature DRLs that add to its cutting-edge appeal. Moreover, the Special Edition variant offers an extraordinary Matte Black colour choice. On the other hand, the Bajaj Pulsar NS160 has a muscular and tough appearance with its bold fuel tank design and sharp bodywork. The option of new colour choices further adds to its visual appeal. Features: Pulsar NS 160 & Apache RTR 160 4VApache RTR 160 is fitted with cutting-edge features, like a new headlamp, gear shift indicator, and three ride modes, including urban, sports, and Rain. Furthermore, the top-end variant and the Special edition come with TVS SmartXonnect Bluetooth connectivity, customisable clutch and brake levers, and elite cosmetic upgrades like red alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the Pulsar NS 160 offers features, including a new instrument cluster with a gear position indicator and fuel efficiency. In addition, this gives access to turn-by-turn navigation, distance-to-empty readout and mileage that improves riders' comfort. Pricing: Pulsar NS 160 & Apache RTR 160 4VRTR 160 4V offers a wider range of variants with slightly higher pricing. Meanwhile, the NS 160 provides more affordable options with fewer variant choices. The Apache RTR 160 4V is available in 4 variants, and their price range starts from Rs. 1.24 Lakh to 1.32 Lakh. On the other hand, the NS 160 bike comes at a price range of 1.37 Lakh in India. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 launch details. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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Benelli is making big changes to its adventure bike lineup, opting to replace its 502cc models with slightly larger 552cc versions. Recently, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the TRK 552 and TRK 552X at local dealerships in China. These new models have larger engines, upgraded hardware, and potentially new features.Moreover, these bikes maintain the same design elements as the outgoing 502cc models. Additionally, the TRK 552 range offers a variety of colour schemes to choose from. The company haven't given all the details about the TRK 552 and TRK 552X yet. However, just by introducing these models, it shows they want to make their adventure bikes even cooler. Efficient EngineThe current Benelli TRK 502 has a 500cc twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that produces 46.8bhp @ 8,500rpm and 46 Nm of torque @ 6,000rpm. However, the upcoming TRK 552 series features a slightly larger 549cc twin-cylinder engine paired with a six-speed gearbox. While specific performance figures for the TRK 552 are yet to be disclosed, the increase in engine displacement suggests that it may offer improved power and torque compared to its counterparts.Safety & Convenience The new TRK 552 range from Benelli promises to focus on wellbeing and comfort for riders. The details have not yet been uncovered; however, we know that these bikes include features like full LED lights, a digital dashboard, and an anti-locking braking system. These elements upgrade visibility and give significant data initially.Besides, the probable incorporation of smartphone connectivity suggests that riders can easily remain associated. It permits access to navigation or getting significant notices without fumbling with their phones.These bikes are likely to come with adjustable front forks and a monoshock that allows riders to customise their suspension settings. Additionally, they have a dual front and a single rear disc with J. Juan callipers, which offers reliable stopping power. With dual-purpose tyres on spoke wheels, these bikes offer great grip whether you're riding on the road or off it.About Benelli Benelli has been all about enthusiasm, legacy, and advancement since 1911. They've made legendary cruisers in 100 years of history. Benelli bikes cater to every rider's requirements, promising a definitive riding experience while being aware of the environment. Each Benelli bike is particular, flaunting, engaging in design and sporty looks that are recognisable.The organisation's Research and development centre guarantees advanced design concepts are integrated into each model. Benelli has extended its range all around the world with its partnership with the QJIAN JIANG group since 2005. Besides, the brand is ready for future challenges with an emphasis on Italian style and design, joined with a worldwide business approach.Expected Pricing In India The Benelli TRK 502 is priced at Rs. 5.85 lakh, and the TRK 502X is priced at Rs. 6.50 lakh. So, the TRK 552 range is newer and likely to have more features. It's expected to cost more than these models.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 bike in India. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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The 150cc bike segment is popular among Indian drivers due to its eco-friendliness and affordability. The bikes of this segment offer an economical riding experience. Additionally, their lightweight body offers agility and easy handling. This makes them ideal for riding through traffic and tight spaces.Here is the list of top 5 best 150 cc bikes in India:Bajaj Pulsar N150 The Pulsar N150 bike has a kerb weight of 145 kg and a ground clearance of 165 mm for comfortable and stable riding. This bike is controlled by a 149.68cc engine that delivers 14.29 bhp @ 8500 rpm and 13.5 Nm @ 6000 rpm.Besides, this Pulsar bike includes a digital speedometer, electric start, and tubeless tyres for more comfort. The Pulsar N150 bike comes with a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear with single-channel ABS. The motorcycle has a fuel capacity of 14 litres, giving ample range for long rides. The Bajaj Pulsar N150 cruiser comes at a price tag of Rs. 1.18 lakh in India. Types of SpecificationsBajaj Pulsar N150 SpecificationsEngine TypeBS6 Phase 2Top Speed115 kmphKerb Weight 145 kgGround Clearance 165 mm Hero Hunk 160R The Hero Hunk is a reliable bike which is known for its performance and features. This bike accompanies a 149.2cc engine that gives smooth power for a better riding experience. The cost of a Hunk 160R bike goes from Rs. 1.17 lakh to Rs. 1.30 lakh in India. This bike features LED headlights and tail lights, offering upgraded visibility and safety during night rides.The Hunk 160R features a digital speedometer and self-start/kick-start choice for comfort. It has tubeless tyres and alloy wheels, giving safety and sturdiness in different road conditions. Besides, it allows riders to cover longer distances without frequent refuelling with a mileage of 55 kmpl. Types of Specifications Hero Hunk 160R SpecificationsTop Speed107 kmphKerb Weight 146 kgGround Clearance 163mm Yamaha FZ S FI The bike’s ergonomic design and sporty style make it a famous choice among riders. The cost of Yamaha FZ S FI in India begins from Rs. 1.21 lakh. This bike comes with features like LED headlights and a digital speedometer that guarantees better visibility and comfort for the riders. Besides, it has a 149cc air-cooled engine that produces 12.23 bhp @ 7250 rpm and 13.3 Nm @ 5500 rpm. This engine offers a mileage of 45.5 kmpl, which makes it an excellent value for money. Types of SpecificationsYamaha FZ S FI SpecificationsEngine TypeBS-VITop Speed115 kmphKerb Weight 135 kgGround Clearance 165mmYamaha FZ X The Yamaha FZ X is a dynamic and effective cruiser designed to offer riders a smooth and pleasant ride experience. It is fitted with a 149cc air-cooled engine, delivering 12.23 bhp @ 7250 rpm and 13.3 Nm @ 5500 rpm of torque. It offers a mileage of 48 kmpl and a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres. This Yamaha bike is available for a price tag of Rs. 1.36 to Rs. 1.37 lakh. The bike’s ergonomic design, advanced speedometer, and electric starter add to its appeal and user-friendliness. Types of SpecificationsYamaha FZ X SpecificationsEngine TypeBS6 Phase 2Top Speed115 kmphKerb Weight 165 mmGround Clearance 139 kg Honda CBR 150RIt is equipped with a 149.16cc engine that delivers 17.6 BHP @ 9000 rpm and 14.4 Nm @ 7000 rpm of torque. This bike is priced at Rs. 1.7 lakh in India. It features advanced technologies such as liquid cooling and a dual-channel ABS for enhanced safety and performance. Moreover, it has an inverted telescopic in the front suspension and a swing arm with a monoshock rear suspension. Types of SpecificationsHonda CBR 150R SpecificationsEngine TypeBS6Top Speed109 kmphKerb Weight 139 kgGround Clearance 172mmThis is all about the best-selling 150cc bikes in India. If you are looking to buy a 150cc bike, the detailed description of these bikes will help you choose your ideal companion. So what are waiting for, pick your ideal 150cc bike considering your budget and specs requirements. Before you go, don’t forget to check out the Kawasaki Ninja 500 teased in India. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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Husqvarna is a renowned Swedish motorcycle manufacturer which is likely to introduce the 2024 Svartpilen 250 in India soon. This announcement comes following the recent unveiling of the 2024 Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 250 models in India. Moreover, Svartpilen 250 was initially left out of the lineup, but recent homologation documents hint at its upcoming launch.This bike will showcase the distinctive scrambler-style design, similar to the Svartpilen 401. It has notable features such as a pillion grabrail, engine bash plate, clip-on handlebar, mid-set footpegs, and a small flyscreen. This enhances its looks and riders’ convenience. 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250: Engine PerformanceThe Svartpilen 250 motorcycle is equipped with a 249.07cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine that produces 31PS @ 9,500rpm and 25Nm @ 7,500rpm. Its engine is mated with a 6-speed gearbox and EMS-registered movement on the gear. This enhances smoother gear shifts, and a clutch is not needed while changing gear. Moreover, it comes with a new EURO+5 regulations exhaust system with a double catalyser system. Its silencer is lighter and has a premium matte black finish. 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250: Design The design of the Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 bike easily consolidates modern aesthetics with classic styling signals. It has smooth lines, and an uncovered trellis frame adds a touch of modern roughness. This bike accompanies front and rear LED lights that improve visibility. It also has off-road-style handlebars with risers that improve its appearance.The bike's bodywork is richly sculpted, with sharp angles and smooth curves that flawlessly integrate for streamlined effectiveness. The matte dark finish combined with subtle silver accents gives a feeling of urban coolness.Besides, Svartpieln 250 has a 13-litre fuel tank that includes an extra standard luggage rack. Presently, it accompanies a 15mm lower seat level and a longer wheelbase that makes it ideal for each rider. Likewise, it has a pillion-grab handle for additional helpful rides.2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250: HardwareSvartpilen 250 is fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels with MRF Rev Z-D tires. Besides, it has a 320mm front disc and 240mm rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS for upgraded safety. The suspension system incorporates a 43mm WP Apex inverted fork at the front and an off-set monoshock at the rear with preload adjustability. This ensures a smoother and comfortable riding experience. 2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250: FeaturesThis Husqvarna motorcycle comes with a 5-inch LCD instrument console. It is outfitted with rider aids such as traction control, ride-by-wire, a quick shifter, and Supermoto ABS. In addition, you can connect your cell phone through Bluetooth and empower turn-by-turn routes, music plays and call notifications.2024 Husqvarna Svartpilen 250: Pricing & Rivals The arrival of the Svartpilen 250 is expected to take place in the coming weeks. This bike is likely to be priced at Rs 2,19,000 (ex-showroom Delhi). Moreover, this bike will give tough competition to the KTM 250 Duke, Bajaj Dominar 250, and Suzuki Gixxer 250.Before you go, don’t forget to check out the TVS Raider 125, which is India’s best-selling bike. Follow us for the Latest Bike Industry UpdatesFacebook - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_offl_fb Instagram - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_insta Twitter - https://bit.ly/BikeJunction_ofl_twitter

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