15 Steps to modify your Cafe Racer Motorcycle

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15 Steps to modify your Cafe Racer Motorcycle

Cafe racer Motorcycle was the concept of the 1960s when there used to be lightweight motorbikes to move around the city. They are called Cafe Racer because the riders of the 60s and 70s used to race from one cafe to another. There are several reasons why people have an interest in two seater cafe racer motorcycles. The look of these vintage bikes is considered one of the highlights of the bike. Brands like Royal Enfield and Honda are inclined towards cafe racer motorcycles. Some of their models, Honda CBZ, Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, and Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, are inspired by Cafe racer bikes. The fanbase of Cafe racer motorcycles is also amazingly large.

Below are few cafe racer motorcycles available in Indian bike market

  • Yamaha CB
  • Yamaha XS, XV, and SR series
  • Kawasaki KZ and W series
  • Royal Enfield Continental GT 650
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor
  • Triumph bikes, and many more.

Cafe racer projects can be classified into two categories. Cafe racer built by the brands and self-modify cafe racer. If you want a cafe racer of your favourite brand, that's an easy choice, and you can choose it among available models. This blog is completely for the other category of people who want to build their own Cafe racer Motorcycle. In order to modify the cheapest cafe racer, we are going to suggest the requirements which will be needed while modifying a Cafe racer model.

Steps to modify a Café racer Motorcycle -

These are the following steps to modify your Cafe Racer Motorcycle. You will need Cafe racer kits to modify your motorcycle. As the complete modification is going to hit your head from scratch, it's time to prepare yourself and make a roadmap to design your unique Cafe racer. Below a detailed description is provided, and maybe if something is left behind, you can add that to your design list before starting your work on a motorcycle.

1. Choose your Machines and Tools

If you are a beginner cafe racer, choose your weapons wisely. Your tools will be your ultimate partner. Some of the machinery may be costly to you but get all the required accessories first.

2. Know your need and issue with Cafe racer

You should know what you desire, and further, you should pen down all the existing issues in your Cafe racer. Once you acknowledge your need, sketch out the roadmap on your table and the destination is not far away.

3. Purchase right product

Purchasing the old bike, which you wanna turn into a Cafe racer and then you can decide the basic design of your final product. Do not hurry in selecting the model, take proper time until your need is met with the right product. 

4. Suspension

Suspension is one of the safety factors when it comes to motorcycles. Suspension is already a challenge to assemble as it needs technical advances. In order to get a quality suspension, one can search online or offline stores. To be the best beginner cafe racer, do not keep your search limited.

5. Tyres

Cafe Racer Motorcycle Tyres

There are many sizes of tires available in online/offline stores. Tyres not only provide a grip but enhance the look of your Cafe racer motorcycle. You can also choose the design of alloy wheels or spoke wheels depending upon what's soothing more.

6. Brakes

cafe racer motorcycle brakes

Brakes are the most important form of your work. Try to fit ABS or any advanced technology brakes that can keep you safe. As your old purchased model brand must have stopped making that accessory, you need to arrange it on your own.

7. Rebuilding Engine

cafe racer motorcycle engine

You can watch online videos for hot rodders' techniques to rebuild your engine. As your old engine must not be that powerful, the advice is to upgrade your engine’s power and torque otherwise you are not going to enjoy the ride until the engine performs well.

8. Accessories and parts

There is no limit when it comes to the additional accessories and parts. You can turn your Cafe racer two seater motorcycle into your dream bike.

9. Accurate measurement and adjustments

This is essential to measure the parts accurately and adjust them with an equal proportionate ratio. Making a little mistake will not only diminish your model, but it can create a design fault too.

10. Reduce Weight

As Cafe Racer is speed and race-oriented so keep the weight lighter for your bike because maximising the required weight will impact the overall performance of the bike.

11. Increase power

The increased power of the engine will boost your confidence too. As you hold and rotate the throttle, the powerful engine roars and the beauty of the Cafe racer gets magnified on the road. As the former model must not be that powerful hence, it demands enhancement.

12. Improve Handling

Choose the handlebar wisely, as it will be one of the most important cafe racer motorcycle parts. When it comes to racing, balanced and stable handling is directly related to the safety of the rider.

13. Cafe racer proportions

Keep the proportions calculative and accurate.

14. Unobtrusive lighting

Headlights, tail lamps and indicators are other opportunities to increase the beauty of your Retro set-up. You can opt 21st century-advanced LED lights with fork-mounted bullet indicators.

15. Simplified Electronics

Do not keep unnecessary electronics. Keep the simplified electronics like Royal Enfield. It will keep maintenance easy and low.

Considerations for designing a Cafe Racer Motorcycle

  • Foundation
  • Cut-off point
  • The height limit
  • The bone Line
  • Visual weight
  • Swoop
  • Angles
  • Fork distance

Pros and cons of having a cafe racer motorcycle -

There are several pros and cons of having a cafe racer motorcycle. Firstly we are going to talk about the pros, and then we will discuss the cons.

Pros of having a cafe racer motorcycle

  • Since the look of a cafe racer motorcycle is more of a vintage and retro style, it gives a cool and stylish look to the rider. You can join the community of cafe racers and end up building a career among same-minded people.
  • Most of the parts to design a Cafe racer frame are easily available online and offline. Since some parts are available at a low price, it turns the final product into a cost-effective product.
  • As you yourself design and assemble the parts of your custom cafe racer motorcycles, it becomes very easy for you to identify a noise coming from anywhere or a buzzing sound. It saves the cost of affording a mechanic.
  • Designing a cafe racer vintage motorcycle enhances a lot of skills in you, including a deeper understanding of speed and efficiency. As you are already a mechanic, the learning part will be an added benefit which you can never get after purchasing a new motorcycle.

Cons of having a Cafe racer

  • As the expert experience will always be missing and you can not afford the advanced technologies, the perfection in your two-seat cafe racer will always feel missing.
  • As you modify an old model motorcycle, it will be difficult to compete with new model motorcycles in terms of efficiency. Your own-made Cafe racer will undoubtedly beat everyone when it comes to looks, but you may strive for speed.
  • The adjustments in the Cafe racer may worry you as brakes may not function that well, or the suspension can make you think twice a day.
  • You may feel that all ergonomics are going wrong. You will not be able to plan long rides or road trips. As the name suggests, Cafe Racer is meant to move from one cafe to another or commute within the city with a completely unique look. 

Wrapping up

The above-provided information can be used to design the best cafe racers for beginners. The needs and fulfilment to be met at the right coordination will certainly end up designing the ultimate Cafe racer. The basic idea originates from a model, technical specifications to be added and designing enhancement. For any further information, you can navigate to BikeJunction's official website. Furthermore, you can also take ideas from brands who design Cafe racer motorcycles. Designing a Cafe racer bike is one of those journeys which start with one step, and adding each step a day will turn your dream into reality.



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