Unveiled Honda EM1 Electric Scooter - Launching in India

CalenderPublished at May 18, 2023 by BikeJunction
Unveiled Honda EM1 Electric Scooter - Launching in India

The EM1 Electric Scooter provides a range of 48km, and It will not be Launched in India

Honda has unveiled its Electric Scooter EM1 with a limited riding range. This new e-scooter will launch in Europe and then reach other markets. Honda EM1 electric moped is an entry-level EV with relatively low performance and range figures. It is a practical and affordable option for urban commuters who do not travel long distances or require high speeds. Its low performance and range figures may be sufficient for short trips within the city, such as commuting to work or short-distance deliveries.

Battery Specifications of Honda EM1

The EM1 Electric Scooter's hub-mounted motor with a peak power output of 1.7kW should provide sufficient power for city riding. The slower throttle response in the reduced speed mode may be helpful for new riders or for navigating through heavy traffic. This Honda scooter possesses the Mobile Power swappable lithium-ion battery. 

The 10 kg weight of the battery is also relatively lightweight, which is helpful for manoeuvring the scooter. An electric vehicle's six-hour charging time for a full charge is reasonable. Another feature of a shorter charging time of 160 minutes to go from 25% to 75% is a nice one for riders who need to top off their battery quickly.

Range of Honda EM1 Electric Scooter

The limited range of 41 km in standard mode may not be enough for longer commutes. The option for activating the ECON mode to extend the range up to 48 km is good for riders who need to travel a bit further. It's important for riders to consider their daily commuting needs and plan their charging and battery replacement accordingly. It is worth noting that the overall range of the EM electric moped may be limited due to its entry-level positioning and lower performance figures. 

Braking System and Tyres in Honda EM1

The 90/90-12 front tyre and 100/90-10 rear tyre sizes will provide adequate road stability and handling, particularly for urban riding on compact and busy routes. The braking system consists of a 190mm disc with a single piston in front and a 110 mm drum in rear. It also features the standard combination braking system (CBS), which offers enough stability and stopping force, particularly in emergencies. The CBS system helps in the distribution of braking force between the front and rear brakes, ensuring smooth and safe braking.

Launch and Future Plans in India of Honda

The Honda EM1 will not be launched in India due to its lower riding range and top speed. Indian consumers are known to be value-conscious, and a vehicle's performance and range figures are important factors in their purchasing decisions. However, it's exciting to hear that Honda plans to launch an electric version of the Activa in India next year. Honda Activa Electric could possess some new features and improved performance and riding range.

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