Top 5 Things That Make Hero Splendor India’s Best-Selling Bike

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Top 5 Things That Make Hero Splendor India’s Best-Selling Bike

The Hero Splendor Plus is a legendary bike in India, selling nearly 2.5 lakh units every month. Many people think of it as just a mileage king, but it offers much more. Below is the price list of all variants of Hero Splendor:   

Hero Splendor Plus Variant Price 
Splendor Plus Drum BrakeRs 75,141
Splendor Plus i3S Drum BrakeRs 76,486
Splendor Plus i3S Black and AccentRs 76,486
Splendor Plus i3S Matte Axis GreyRs 77,986

Here are five things that make the Hero Splendor Plus India’s best-selling bike:

Efficient Engine  

Hero Splendor Rider 

Hero Splendor Plus is known for its efficient and economical 97.2cc engine. This bike is very versatile, performing well in both city commuting and highway rides. In the city, it handles the traffic smoothly, and on the highway, it can easily reach a speed of 80-85 kmph. 

A key advantage of the Splendor Plus over competitors like the Honda Shine 100 is its slightly higher gearing. This means it performs well in the city without compromising its highway capabilities. The Shine 100 has smaller gears, making it a great bike for city riding. However, the Splendor Plus is better for longer rides on the highway, handling them comfortably. 

The fuel efficiency of the bike is impressive, with the Xtec 2.0 variant claiming 73 kmpl. In real-world tests, the Splendor Plus Xtec offers a riding range of over 700 km on its nearly 10-litre fuel tank. Being gentle on the throttle can extend this range by another 100 km. 

The cost of ownership is low, with affordable spare parts and a robust service network through Hero. For example, an air filter costs just Rs 217, and engine oil costs Rs 1,100, both prices inclusive of 28% GST. This combination of reliability, versatility and low running costs makes the Hero Splendor Plus a top choice for many riders.

Convenient Rides  

Hero splendor plus rider image 

The Hero Splendor Plus has a super comfortable suspension, as expected from a 100cc commuter bike. No need to submit to bad roads because the suspension absorbs everything well. It easily handles heavy loads, even on ghat roads or bumpy roads, without any complaints. 

With an excellent 165mm of ground clearance, the Splendor Plus is well-equipped to tackle bad roads. This bike combines comfort and power, making it a great choice for riding situations. Whether carrying heavy loads or riding on steep trails, the Splendor Plus handles well, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Comfortable Riding Experience

Hero Splendor Plus is designed for smooth access. This is a bike that each person within the family can ride. It is the lowest in its class, with a seat height of 785mm and a weight of 112kg. This makes it ideal for riders of all heights and sizes. The low seat top and light-weight layout additionally make the motorbike clean to manoeuvre through tight areas. 

This user-friendly design guarantees that the Splendor Plus isn't only comfortable but also practical for regular use. Whether you're driving around town or seeking out a parking spot, Splendor Plus makes it easy and hassle-free. Its accessibility and ease of use make it a high-quality desire for various riders.

Feature-Rich Bike 

Hero Splendor Plus speedometer 

Hero Splendor Plus is a humble 100cc commuter bike, but it comes with a lot of features. The new Splendor Plus Xtec 2.0 model features segment-leading LED lighting, hazard lighting, and a full digital LCD console with Bluetooth connectivity. 

These features are usually found on larger bikes, which makes it surprising that Hero included them in the Splendor Plus. This means riders get access to modern technology and conveniences in a simple and reliable bike. LED headlights improve visibility, while hazard lights add safety. A digital console with Bluetooth allows occupants to pair their phones for easy access to calls and messages.

Good For Highways As Well 

The Hero Splendor Plus has a softly sprung suspension that feels great around town. What’s impressive is that the same suspension performs well on highways, too. Even at speeds above 85kmph, the bike stays stable and can change direction quickly without any issues. 

The Splendor Plus' large 18-inch wheels help on big roads. Some bikes in the 100cc class use 17-inch wheels for slightly better mileage, but Hero sticks with 18-inch wheels. This has little effect on mileage in real-world riding but makes a big difference on rough roads. 

In tests, the Shine 100’s 17-inch wheels made it feel unstable on bad roads, especially on rocks. With its 18-inch wheels, the Splendor Plus flies effortlessly over rough terrain, making it ideal not only for city commuting but highway driving as well.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the Hero Motocrop’s Sales in May 2024.  

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