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Raptee Electric Bike Ready To Target Ultraviolette F77

CalenderPublished at July 20, 2023 by BikeJunction
Raptee Electric Bike Ready To Target Ultraviolette F77

The brand’s new Electric Bike is all set to go up against Ultraviolette F77 with its design patent. The Ultraviolette F77 2W in the EV market has exponentially transformed in recent years in terms of performance statistics & overall projected product. While electric bikes have attracted fewer competitors, a new product by Raptee Electric Motorcycles, however, projects to alter that. 

Design Elements of Raptee Electric Bike

The brand first appeared at the 2020 Auto Expo, and later, its initial prototypes were spotted trundling along the road. In fact, Raptee's design patent indicates how the motorbike will appear in production. At first glance, the Ultraviolette F77 will be its major targeted competition. In addition, the Raptee electric bike design patent incorporates elements from both street naked and sports machine motorcycles. The headlight resembles a street naked bike, while the lower body features a fairing similar to a sport bike. 

Features of Raptee Electric Bike

The most notable feature of the headlight is its interesting LED Daytime Running Light signature, which includes horizontal elements. This signature likely adds to the bike's visual appeal and differentiates it from other electric bikes. Additionally, the fairing on the bike is described as muscular and angular, further emphasising its aggressive design.

The fairing will also be equipped with sleek LED turn indicators that double up as DRLs, meaning they serve as turn signals and Daytime Running Lights. Conventional LED turn indicators are also present at their usual positions.

The design patent reveals features such as an open front fairing to accommodate the radiator for optimum battery cooling. The instrument screen will serve a dual purpose of displaying essential information to the rider and acting as a faux fly screen. 

The bike does not feature clip-on handlebars, which are commonly found in sportier motorcycles. Instead, it likely has regular handlebars for a more comfortable and upright riding position. The ORVMs are described as "run of the mill," suggesting they are conventional mirrors commonly used in motorcycles.

The bike has split grab rails and split seats, and the Initial bike prototypes consist of a chain drive system and custom aluminium swingarms. The concept and patent show that the bike features USD telescopic front forks. However, the first set of prototypes had RSU front forks, which are more conventional. The bike has a single-disc brake setup at both ends.

Performance of Raptee Electric Bike

The Raptee plans to enter the premium upper-tier segment, where Ultraviolette F77 is currently the sole player. Raptee Bike boasts a battery with a real-world range of 150 km, providing a top speed of 135 kmh. It has fast acceleration figures, reaching 0-60 kmh in under 3.5 seconds. 

Price and Competitions of Raptee Electric Bike

These numbers closely relate to the Ultraviolette F77, making it a direct competitor.

The Ultraviolette F77 has a price range between Rs. 3.8 lakh and 5.5 lakh (Ex-showroom). Raptee can offer competitive pricing to challenge Ultraviolette in this premium segment successfully.

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