Matter Aera 5000+ Electric Bike Review: A Unique Ride Experience

CalenderPublished at February 26, 2024 by BikeJunction
Matter Aera 5000+ Electric Bike Review: A Unique Ride Experience

Matter is a Gujarat-based startup that has uncovered the Aera 5000+ in India. It is the first electric bike equipped with a liquid-cooled powertrain tuned to a 4-speed gearbox. This EV is intended to offer a conventional cruiser experience to riders progressing from petroleum-powered motorcycles. 

Design and Features:

The Matter Aera 5000+ bike has wide tank panels reminiscent of popular models like Apache and Xtreme, providing a sense of familiarity for riders. Moreover, the headlamp has illuminated side panels, adding a futuristic touch to the design. Its design looks amazing and attracts eco-conscious riders.

The riding position feels good and familiar, catering to riders of all sizes with its 790mm seat height. The standout feature of the Aera 5000+ is its 7-inch TFT display, offering detailed data and a cutting-edge interface that shows the bike’s innovation. Matter has invested in extensive research and development, registering numerous patents and design trademarks over the past 5 years.

Power & Comfort:

The motorcycle is powered by a 10.5kW/26 Nm motor that offers a maximum speed of 105 kph and accelerates from 0 to 60 kph in only 6 seconds. However, with its advanced specs, the Aera 5000+ weighs 169kg, which influences its ability and mobility on the streets.

Moreover, it has a telescopic fork-up suspension at the front that holds an under-damped on rough landscapes. The braking system is outfitted with 220mm disc brakes at both ends with single-channel ABS, giving sufficient stopping power.

Riding Experience: 

Right from the start, the Matter 5000+ is not like your usual bike because it is powered by battery and not fuel. Instead of the usual noise, you get this cool humming sound from the motor. But as you pick up speed, it quickly goes into its regular modes and reaches top speeds. This electric bike offers more softness and comfort while driving. 

Areas Of Improvement In Matter Aera 5000+ EV

The Aera faces a weight issue, being about 30 kilograms heavier than other electric bikes like the Tork Kratos and the Revolt RV400. This extra weight is due to features like the liquid cooling system and gearbox.

Despite its loudness caused by the motor, gearbox, and chain drive, Matter positions the Aera as more rugged than sporty, suited for rough roads. However, the suspension feels lacking over big bumps, occasionally tossing the rider.

The Aera boasts disc brakes on both wheels with standard single-channel ABS, an improvement over competitors. Yet, the front brake's initial bite is weak, requiring a hard pull for sudden stops.

During test rides of pre-production models, issues like inconsistent finish quality and panel gaps arose. Some bikes even experienced random shutdowns, requiring intervention from engineers. Matter assures these faults will be resolved before production units reach customers.

Verdict and Pricing:

Matter expects to start production of the Aera 5000+ toward the finish of the ongoing quarter, with deliveries set to start in Ahmedabad prior to growing to 100 urban areas nationwide. The bike is accessible in two variations, with costs beginning at Rs 1.74 lakh for the base model and Rs 1.84 lakh for the Aera 5000+ variation reviewed here.

Meanwhile, the Aera 5000+ offers a unique proposition in the electric two-wheeler market. Its success will depend on Matter's ability to ramp up production and address quality concerns. The bike competes with petrol-powered machines like the Yamaha R15 and Honda CB300F in terms of pricing, posing a challenge for potential buyers considering the unconventional concept of a geared EV.

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