JCMoto's Footpeg Hangers for Hero Xpulse 200 Enduro: A Brief Review

CalenderPublished at April 25, 2023 by BikeJunction
JCMoto's Footpeg Hangers for Hero Xpulse 200 Enduro: A Brief Review

Users who ride Hero Xpulse 200 Enduro knows that the the standard footpegs aren’t of the best-quality. However, the JCMoto’s footpeg hangers might be the ultimate solution for it. 

The Hero Xpulse 200's stand-up ergonomics didn't meet the standards, as the change from sitting to standing was difficult and tiresome. But maintaining a solid connection to the bike without relying on the handlebar for stability took quite a bit of work. The Enduro Footpeg hangers, created by custom bike and component manufacturer JCMoto, offered a solution that claimed to solve this problem and other issues. 

About Installation

An installation manual is included with the JCMoto footrest hangers. It is a detailed pamphlet with 10 pages. The person doing the task will enjoy it if they like wrenching. The rider and pillion footrests, as well as the current footrest hangers and its cover, are completely disassembled. Additionally, the brake pedal pivot bolt, rear brake reservoir, and Kickstarter need to be removed. Although it's not that tough to set-up, it takes a while. The brochure specifies 18 stages necessary to complete the task. The JC Moto was also working on the solution about the inability to put the heel plates and the pillion footrest back on.

A few parts fail to reattach when the new hangers are installed. The standard hanger's plastic coverings, which serve as heel plates to aid in the rider's more solid grasp on the bike, are left off. The rear brake line must be zip-tied to the swingarm since it is a bit too long for the new configuration with the footpegs shifted back. Importantly, unlike the factory set, the JCMoto footpeg hangers don't offer additional mounting points for the pillion footrest, making the Xpulse a single-seater. 

Testing of the Equipment 

For the comparison of the new setup with the stock, a set of static tests is carried out by the experts. Four experts of various heights were invited, and three exercises were administered to them.

  1. The experts had to shift from sitting down to standing up without hanging onto the handlebars. Later, they compared the ease and effort required to accomplish these transitions between the stock arrangement and the JCMoto setup. 
  2. Although they did not hang onto the handlebars, the riders had to assume the standing-up "attack" stance that is typical of fast terrain. Once more, they had to compare the new arrangement to the stock to determine which was simpler to attach to the bike. 
  3. The motorcyclists had to relax while leaning back between two obstacles while standing up on the pegs. Given that they weren't intended to use their hands or legs to hang onto the bike, then they were asked which seemed more natural and secure. 

The experts under six feet tall unanimously approved of the JCMoto configuration on each of the three tests. The new standing-up stance is simultaneously more calming, natural, and concentrated. In comparison to the stock-up, it provides you with a greater sensation of control. 

If we look at our measured data, there isn't a significant difference between the stock and updated rider triangle. Now, the footpegs are 75mm further back and 5mm lower. But there is a significant difference in how they feel. The experts who were above six feet tall also favoured the new ergonomics. They weren't as impressed as the rest of them, though. On the move, especially in the mud, they wanted to give it a try. 

The product is made by JC Moto for the Model Xpulse 200 Footrest Hanger with a price of 8000 available online.


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