How to Increase Your Bike's Mileage in India: Top 10 Easy Ways to Maximise Performance

CalenderPublished at March 30, 2024 by BikeJunction
How to Increase Your Bike's Mileage in India: Top 10 Easy Ways to Maximise Performance

Do you find it frustrating that the cost of your daily bike ride and fuel is getting more expensive? Maintaining mileage is difficult for many riders, especially in stop-and-go urban traffic. Continuous changes in engine and speed can have a big effect on a bike's fuel efficiency.

But increasing mileage also means maintaining your bike's longevity and functionality and saving money. In this blog, we'll discuss the best bike mileage increase tips, which will help riders improve their bike’s mileage.

10 Best Tips To Increase Bike Mileage

When selecting between a new and a used bike in India, various factors are considered. Mileage is a major consideration. Many popular models offer optimal mileage, making daily commuting easy. Moreover, the Star City Plus is among the highest mileage bikes in India.

The top 5 best mileage bikes in India are listed below.   

ModelsMileage Ex-showroom Price 
TVS Star City Plus 83.09 kmplRs.  77,770 - 96,560
Bajaj Platina 10075 kmplRs. 65,952 - 67,808
Honda Livo74 kmplRs. 78,818 - 82,818
TVS Raider 12567 kmplRs. 95,219 - 1.03 Lakh
TVS Sport70 kmpl Rs. 59,431 - 70,773


Timely & Regular Services & Maintenance

Timely Regular Services Maintenance

Regular maintenance and timely servicing are essential for your bike's performance. These improvements help you make your vehicle the best mileage bike. Ensure the air filter is clean and the spark plug is in good condition for efficient combustion. 

Replace engine oil at recommended intervals to prolong component life and maintain optimal performance. Pay attention to service intervals, as they can affect mileage.


Maintain The Speed Of Your Bike

Maintain The Speed Of Your Bike

Maintaining your bike’s speed is among the best tips to increase bike mileage. Your bike's speed should be between 30 kmph and 50 kmph because riding at this consistent pace helps achieve optimal fuel efficiency. Moreover, practice defensive biking techniques by riding between 40 and 55 kmph to stay calm and avoid overspeeding in critical situations. 


Turn Off Your Bike’s Engine When It’s Not Moving

Turn Off Your Bike’s Engine When It’s Not Moving

Turning off the engine of your bike while stopping at a red signal is one of the bike mileage increase tips. The engine consumes fuel, albeit less, while in an idle state. However, by turning it off completely, you can save fuel. In heavy traffic, frequent gear changes lead to more fuel consumption. 


Be Gentle With Shifting Gears

Be Gentle With Shifting Gears

Be gentle with your gear shifts to maintain optimal fuel utilisation. Avoid using a low gear at high speeds for extended periods, as it depletes fuel quickly. Constant gear shifting, especially at high RPMs or rapid shifts, puts pressure on the clutch, leading to damage and reduced mileage.


Use Good Quality Fuel 

Use Good Quality Fuel

Stick to the recommended fuel type and avoid adulterated fuel. Adulterated fuel can cause the engine to not work well, causing problems and even accidents. Stick to trusted fuel stations. Using good fuel helps your bike run smoothly and avoids engine problems. Moreover, this bike mileage increase tips will also improve your vehicle performance.


Don’t Park In Direct Sunlight 

Don’t Park In Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can prevent fuel loss and damage to the bike's paint. Sunlight can cause fuel to evaporate, which reduces the bike’s mileage. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the sun can also lead to paint chipping and lifting. So, find shaded parking spots to preserve fuel and protect your bike's appearance from sun damage.


Maintain Tyre Pressure 

Maintain Tyre Pressure

While discussing how to improve bike mileage, maintaining tyre pressure regularly enhances both mileage and safety. Low tyre pressure strains the engine and reduces mileage, so keep it at the recommended level. Thus, get tyre pressure checked at petrol pumps or refuelling stations weekly to keep your bike running smoothly.


Check Engine Oil & Chain Lubrication 

Check Engine Oil Chain Lubrication

If you ride where it's dusty, check your bike's engine oil often and keep the chain greased. Dust and dirt can make the chain use more energy, which means you'll use more fuel. After purchasing your bike, make a habit of cleaning and lubricating the chain between services.


Avoid Additional Accessories 

Avoid Additional Accessories

Never replace your bike's original parts during modifications. Factory-made parts are designed to work with the engine for optimal performance. Swapping them out can increase fuel consumption, as the new parts may not be compatible. 

Stick to original components to maintain fuel efficiency and ensure your bike runs smoothly. Modifying original components may cause engine performance to suffer and fuel consumption to rise.


Clean Your Bike 

Clean Your Bike

Ensure your bike's air filters are clean to maintain efficiency and maximise mileage. Schedule servicing at least twice or thrice yearly to keep your bike in top condition. 

Mechanics will address specific needs and implement updates for improved mileage and performance. Regardless of the weather, key servicing tasks include checking tyre condition, air filter, engine oil levels, chain, lubrication, and clutch settings.

The Ending Thoughts 

The tips and techniques mentioned above are vital for this purpose. Additionally, maintaining proper bike insurance ensures a safe and secure ride. These methods can help your bike use less fuel, save money, and give you a better ride. Start using them now to improve your bike's mileage for a more economical journey.


Q1. How to increase the mileage of bike in India? 

Ans. In India, you can improve the mileage of your bike by maintaining bike speed, timely services, and smooth gear shifting techniques. 

Q2. Which gear offers the best mileage on a bike? 

Ans. If you're riding your bike faster than 60 kmph, use the highest gear. This helps you use fuel steadily and smoothly. 

Q3. Which speed is ideal for safety and fuel efficiency? 

Ans. It's good to ride between 40 and 55 kmph for safe and fuel-efficient rides. 

Q4. Which is the highest mileage bike in India? 

Ans. TVS Star City Plus, with 83.09kmpl, is among the top contenders for the best mileage bike in India.


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