Honda Revolutionizes Motorcycle Safety with Groundbreaking Detachable Airbags

CalenderPublished at March 13, 2023 by BikeJunction
Honda Revolutionizes Motorcycle Safety with Groundbreaking Detachable Airbags

The airbag design ensures that it surrounds the rider and then separates him from the vehicle.

Honda’s new design patents reveal that the company is developing motorcycle airbags that surround the rider and separate him from the vehicle.

The two airbag designs from Honda are currently under development. In addition, Honda patented frontal airbags for the scooters launched in India.

Honda was the first company to put an airbag on a bike. It did this in 2006 on its GoldWing model, a big and comfortable bike for long trips. Since then, no other bike has come with an airbag. The Gold Wing is still the only one with it.

Honda has been working on new and better ways to make two-wheeler airbags. First, we discovered that Honda applied for a patent in India for airbags on scooters that come from the front. And now, we have seen more patents from Honda that show an airbag that can come off the bike and stay with the rider.

This airbag system works like most others. It has a container of gas that makes the airbag blow up quickly when there is a crash. The airbag covers the rider’s body and protects their chest and back. But then, something different happens. The airbag closes itself with heat and comes off the bike. A valve ensures the airbag lets out the gas slowly, so it can cushion any more hits that might happen.

There are two different ways of making the airbag system. The first one puts the airbag system in front of the rider, near their legs. The airbag blows up and covers them from there. The second one (and the more comfortable one) puts the airbag system behind the rider, near where another person would sit.

This technology is still in its infancy, so it won’t be available on commercial vehicles shortly. But it will be fascinating to see how Honda adapts to riders with different body types and preferences.

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