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Honda Motors Unveils Honda CL300 Scrambler in China, But Will It Enter Indian Bike Market?

Published on December 27, 2022 by BikeJunction

Honda Motors have recently unveiled the CL300 scrambler, a new stylish adventure motorcycle. This Honda scrambler bike has just been revealed in China and is intended for customers who prefer off-road adventure more than on-road explorations.

The Honda CL300 Scrambler is constructed using the well-known Rebel 300 cruiser base. The Japanese manufacturer put a lot of effort into making it more powerful off-roader. The 16-inch wheels have been replaced with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels. This new adventure tourer bike comes with a taller stance because of the redesigned sub-frame. In addition, the gasoline tank has been rebuilt to give it a more robust appearance. Honda has also updated the CL300's single-piece long scrambler seat in conjunction with this upgrade. The CL500's older sibling inspired the high-mounted exhaust design, giving it an edgier look.

Honda CL300 Scrambler

The Honda CL300 motorcycle has a top speed of approximately 125 kmph and a maximum power output of 25.7 horsepower. The motor is coupled with a six-speed transmission. If the firm has changed the gear ratios for the CL300, it still needs to be made clear. The Honda CL300 Scrambler is available in two versions: basic and premium, with all the bells and whistles included in the premium model. It has an elevated front mudguard, a headlight cowl, side number boards, and hand guards.

Although the Honda CL300 Scrambler's costs have yet to be released in China, we anticipate them to be reasonable. For a market like India, a motorbike like the CL300 makes perfect sense, but regrettably, the Rebel brand is not offered here. The CL300 won't be arriving in India any time soon, then. Honda could produce something similar using its CB350 chassis, but the company would rather concentrate on markets that will generate high sales volumes.

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