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Classic Legends Jawa and Yezdi Position In the Indian Market

CalenderPublished at June 11, 2023 by BikeJunction
Classic Legends Jawa and Yezdi Position In the Indian Market

Classic Legends, the subsidiary of Mahindra that owns iconic brands such as Jawa, Yezdi, and BSA, is about to complete five years in the Indian motorcycle market. After Mahindra's unsuccessful solo entry into the two-wheeler segment, the company brought back these iconic brands instead of building its brand.

The revival began with Jawa in 2018, and since then, Classic Legends has been in operation in the market for nearly five years. However, after the initial few months, the company stopped sharing its wholesale numbers with the public. The available numbers are the retail numbers shared by the FADA representing actual registrations at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). They are considered a reliable indicator of sales and market trends.

Jawa and Yezdi Sales History

The sales numbers of Jawa and Yezdi in units for different years since their launch are mentioned in the table.


Sales(in Units)

Average Per Month Sales(in Units)

FY 2019-20

27,318 units

2276 units

FY 2020-21

20,801 units

1733 units

FY 2021-22

29,779 units

2481 units

FY 2022-23

40,190 units

3349 units

The Data shows that Classic Legends sold 2274 units in April 2023 and 2333 units in May 2023, much lower than last year's in the same month. Jawa's market share has changed between 0.16 per cent and 0.25 per cent throughout the preceding fiscal years.

Classic Legends, including the Jawa and Yezdi brands, consistently sell 20,000 to 30,000 units annually until the 2022 fiscal year. They are indicating an average of approximately 2,000 units per month. The introduction of Yezdi in January 2022 provided a slight boost to the brand's sales, but it is still within the same range. However, Classic Legends does not disclose individual sales figures for Jawa and Yezdi separately. If we attribute the additional sales of 10,000-12,000 units to Yezdi, it indicates that Jawa has remained stagnant at under 30,000 units.

For comparison, Royal Enfield reported wholesale figures of almost 7.35 lakh units, averaging over 61,000 units per month. Honda sold over 31,000 units from its single CB350 platform in the 2023 fiscal year.

Challenges Faced by Jawa and Yezdi Bikes

In simple terms, Classic Legends is facing challenges and is not growing at the expected pace, given the iconic brands it owns. The company has experienced consistent issues ranging from delayed deliveries and quality concerns to high-level employee departures. Things may not have settled down smoothly for them. Selling 2,000-3,000 units monthly for such legendary brands can be underwhelming. They are already planning its lineup of six motorcycles targeting different user segments.

There needs to be a more clear distinction between Yezdis and Jawas regarding their positioning within the Classic Legends lineup. Yezdis were positioned under Jawas in the past, but in the current scenario, both brands are placed at a similar level. It could lead to cannibalisation, where sales of one brand eat into the sales of the other.

The issue of Yezdi's alleged copy of the Himalayan is another concern. If Yezdi replicated certain design elements of another motorcycle, it could be seen as lacking originality. It may not resonate well with consumers seeking distinct offerings from the brand. Additionally, the inclusion of mandatory accessories that are not part of the original motorcycle but require additional payment is also reported by users. 

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