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By March 2023, Ola plans to open 500 showrooms

Published on February 16, 2023 by BikeJunction

A start-up based in Bangalore, Ola Electric intends to have 500 showrooms open By March 2023. The company now has 200 showrooms throughout India; thus, achieving this objective would mean a 150 per cent increase in Ola showrooms. In addition, Ola will open showrooms in towns and cities in Tier III and IV. Six electric scooters are now available, and electric bikes and cars are on the way.

By March 2023, Ola Electric will have 500 showrooms: details.

In less than two months, Ola Electric, previously a staunch supporter of a digital-only sales model, wants to add over 300 new showrooms in India. This extension is intended for towns, rural areas, and Tier III and IV cities in addition to urban areas. With only 45 days left until its self-imposed deadline expires, Ola's claim that it presently has "200+" operational outlets means that the company must open about 6-7 showrooms per day.

Ola's CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, tweeted about introducing new physical contact points for potential customers to sample the product before purchasing in August 2022, when Ola sold fewer than 5,000 units. In January 2023, Ola had over 18,000 S1 electric scooters sold, making it the market leader in e-scooters. This pattern demonstrates unequivocally that when buying a car, consumers still favour visiting actual dealerships overdoing it online. Customers can test drive scooters at these dealerships, but they must still purchase them through the Ola app. But maintenance and service facilities will also be available at the showrooms. After recently overhauling its line-up, Ola has six electric scooters available for purchase. In addition, Ola recently teased several new bikes and an electric vehicle it works on during an event.

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