Bounce Infinity E1X Electric Scooter Launched with a Price Tag of Rs 55,000

CalenderPublished at May 29, 2024 by BikeJunction
Bounce Infinity E1X Electric Scooter Launched with a Price Tag of Rs 55,000

Bounce Infinity has launched the Infinity E1X, a new electric scooter priced at Rs 55,000. This is nearly half the cost of their flagship model, offering excellent value for those on a tight budget. 

The Bounce Infinity E1X Electric Scooter is also about Rs 20,000 cheaper than competitors like the Ola S1X, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious buyers. Bounce Infinity E1X is making a significant step towards providing an affordable and eco-friendly transportation choice. Let’s explore the details of this electric scooter : 

Key Features of Bounce Infinity E1X Electric Scooter 

Bounce Infinity E1X Electric Scooter Side angle 

Similar to the E1 scooter on which it is based, the Infinity E1X features swappable batteries. This implies that you may rapidly replace a dead battery with a charged one to continue riding without any interruptions. These batteries can be charged at work or at home as well. Also, operating expenses are quite cheap, ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 per kilometre. Overall, with this function of switching batteries, it's among the least expensive scooters.

Bounce Infinity E1X Specification

This electric scooter is powered by a 1.1kW motor, reaching speeds up to 55kmph and offering a range of up to 90km, as per ARAI standards. The suspension setup includes a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth ride. Moreover, the Bounce Infinity E1X braking system features a 220mm front disc and a 204mm rear disc brake for reliable stopping power.

It weighs 93kg, has a seat height of 780mm, and a ground clearance of 155mm, providing stability and comfort. Equipped with 12-inch wheels and 90-section tyres, it ensures a firm grip on the road. The electric scooter by Bounce is packed with features for your convenience and safety, including a digital instrument console, three riding modes (Eco, Power, Turbo), and a hill-hold assist. 

Bounce Infinity E1X Comes In Two Different Variants

Bounce Infinity E1X has launched two scooter versions, the standard E1X and the E1+X. One can travel up to 55 km/h, and the other can travel up to 65 km/h, providing choices based on speed preferences and local laws. They're also planning a faster model for export markets, hitting 92 km/h. 

Bounce Infinity E1X Battery Swapping Technology: Future Aspects

Battery swapping technology, along with many swapping stations, makes owning an electric vehicle easy. It cuts down charging time since customers can swap their empty battery for a charged one at a station. Bounce Infinity has a battery-swapping network, but only in Bangalore.

Other manufacturers are also developing this in India. Taiwanese EV maker Gogoro launched a battery-swapping network in Delhi and Goa last year for business use, with plans to expand to customers by mid-2024. Recently, Ola Electric filed a patent for a swappable battery pack. We'll analyse when this battery might appear in Ola scooters.

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