BGauss RUV350 First Look: Has Largest Alloy Wheels Among Electric Scooters

CalenderPublished at June 11, 2024 by BikeJunction
BGauss RUV350 First Look: Has Largest Alloy Wheels Among Electric Scooters

BGauss has introduced a new electric scooter RUV350 designed for India's varied terrains and road conditions. The upcoming BGauss electric scooter has large alloy wheels, which make it the biggest among electric scooters available in India. These wheels provide better stability and comfort.  

Unlike many competitors that focus on adding numerous features or gimmicks, BGauss has kept it simple and practical. The RUV350 is aimed at providing a unique and enjoyable riding experience without overwhelming the user with unnecessary extras.   

How Does the Upcoming BGauss RUV350 Looks?   

BGauss RUV350 tyre angle 

The upcoming BGauss RUV350 electric scooter has a solid and durable design. Out of all the Indian electric scooters, it has the biggest alloy wheels and a sturdy posture. With a couple of special features, the design is comparable to their current D15 model.  

Instead of being built into the scooter's apron, the headlights and DRLs are mounted on the handlebar. While the front suspension is not single-sided, the rear suspension is. There is obvious stitching on the seat cover. In addition, the wheels are available in contrasting shades of orange, yellow, and grey. Its unique appearance is enhanced by the dual-tone hues and graphics on the outside.  

BGauss RUV350 Features & Specs   

BGauss RUV350 speedometer

BGauss RUV350 is India's first Rider’s Utility Vehicle (RUV). It offers practical under-seat storage that can fit at least a half-face helmet. The scooter has a metal body and a digital screen that shows different features. It includes various drive modes and a reverse mode.  

Additional thoughtful touches include concealed charging cable storage under the floorboard and extra storage behind the front apron. These features make the RUV350 a practical choice for everyday use, combining functionality with modern technology to meet riders' needs.  

Bgauss Is Among The Top 10 Ev Manufacturers 

BGauss is one of the top 10 electric scooter makers in India. It is part of the RR Global Group, a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic parts in India. BGauss started in 2020 and is based in Chakan, near Pune, Maharashtra.  

The company has sold about 45,000 scooters since it began production. Their latest model, the RUV350, is completely made in India. According to Hemant Kabra, the Founder and Managing Director of BGauss, the RUV350 is an "A to Z, an Indian product."This new scooter showcases all the research and development BGauss has done recently and includes many new technologies. 

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