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BGauss RUV350 Review: All About Its Performance & Specs

CalenderPublished at June 27, 2024 by BikeJunction
BGauss RUV350 Review: All About Its Performance & Specs

BGauss has launched its latest flagship product, the RUV350. This electric scooter resembles its existing D15 Pro scooter in body panels only. According to the company, everything else on the RUV is completely new and developed from scratch.


Named 'Rider Utility Vehicle' (RUV), it aims to offer comfort, utility, and performance in a stylish package. Let’s know more about it and how it performs: 

BGauss RUV350 Review: Design


The BGauss RUV 350 looks like the step-through vehicles common in Southeast Asia. The large wheels add some style, but the simple and narrow body panels make it less eye-catching. However, its tall stance and big wheels give it a unique look.

There is room for improvement in the quality. The paint finish is a bit messy, and the uneven panel gaps and cheap plastic parts make it look less luxurious. The switchgear also needs a better feel and durability. The company has promised that the final product for customers will have better overall quality.

BGauss RUV350 Review: Features 

BGauss RUV 350 has many features, including a five-inch TFT screen (on EX and Max trims). This screen offers smartphone connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, call notifications, multiple themes, document storage, and ride statistics. BGauss made this display in-house. Moreover, this BGauss electric scooter includes cruise mode, hill hold, reverse mode, and regenerative braking. The scooter weighs 122kg and has metal body panels.

BGauss RUV350 Review: Battery Performance

BGauss RUV350 uses an innovative In-Wheel Hyperdrive motor, positioned slightly offset but directly contacting the wheel. This design aims to deliver better long-term performance compared to traditional belt-driven systems. The motor generates 3.5kW power, with 165Nm peak torque, and can reach a top speed of 75kmph.

The Max variant, shown in the pictures, has a 3kWh LFP battery with an IP67 rating. It offers a range of 120km in Eco mode. The scooter also has Ride and Sports modes. BGauss uses a patented natural air-cooling design to keep the battery temperature stable. Additionally, the motor features a passive oil-cooling system.

Currently, the RUV350 comes with a 500W charger, taking over five hours to charge the battery to 80%. Future models will offer more powerful chargers for a small additional cost.

BGauss RUV350 Review: Hardware 

The BGauss RUV350 electric scooter is built on a strong micro-alloy tubular frame and has large 16-inch alloy wheels. Its suspension has long travel and is designed to handle India's rough roads. The scooter currently uses drum brakes on both ends, but a front disc brake version is coming soon.

Because of the larger rear wheel, the underseat storage is only 15 litres. To make up for this, BGauss has added front storage pockets and a 4.5-litre storage space in the footboard, hidden under a mat.

The seat height is 785mm, making it easy to get on and off the scooter. The riding position is natural and upright, providing a comfortable experience.

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