Best ways of transporting bike in pickup truck safely

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Best ways of transporting bike in pickup truck safely

Owning a bike is not less than a luxury. Bikes don't only help us in daily commuting but they are a true travel partner. The best way of city commuting, short-distance travel or road trips is to ride a motorcycle, but what if you have to transport your bike in a pickup truck? Mechanical failure or breakdowns, flat tires, or shifting from one state to another means hauling a bike on a truck to get it where it needs to be. But while this may seem like the safest way for a bike to go anywhere, the danger lies in sloppy roads, loose anchors, and the loading ramp. So, here are some loading tips for transporting or shipping your motorcycle so that it arrives at its destination safely and sound. Transporting bike in pickup truck demands prevention and precautions. We suggest you follow these steps to prevent any damage to your bike.

Top 5 pickup trucks for transporting bike in pickup truck safely

As you have a reason to transport your bike in a pick up truck, now you need to choose a proper transporting vehicle. In India, you have some of the best pick-up trucks to carry your bike up to your destination. You need to measure the size of your bike before choosing a pick-up truck. If you own a big size sports bike or a heavy cruiser bike, the size of pick-up truck should be accordingly. Here are the list of top 5 pick-up trucks in India-

  • Ashok Leyland 4020 Truck
  • Eicher Pro 6040 Trailer
  • Mahindra Blazo X 46 Trailer
  • Ashok Leyland 4220 10x2 MAV Truck
  • Tata ULTRA EX 3021.S Truck

Steps to transport your bike in a pick up truck safely

Preliminary preparation for loading your bike

We have provided a list of top 5 pickup trucks in India to transport your bike. Choose one of them as per your requirement. After the pick truck is reached to your destination, make sure the pickup truck is parked in a suitable area to make loading as easy as possible. For example, drive up to the curb, lower the back door of the pickup truck beyond the horizontal so that the angle from the roadway up is as small as possible; the goal is to position the various elements so that you can roll the bike up to an almost flat and straight ramp rather than pushing it up a steep incline. It requires less effort and makes it easier to load the sportbikes and cruisers with a large wheelbase.

Prepare a ramp and tie the bike

Attach the ramp to the truck with a tie-down to prevent it from falling, and attach the bike mounts to the tie-down points. Two people sharing pusher duties do best loading with one steer. Keep halfway from the ramp; ensure your footing is secure, so you stay upright. Once the bike is in, immediately lower the side stand or secure the front set of mounts. You can make your own arrangements to keep the motorcycle from falling.

You can also make a ramp with attachments in the garage. Select attachment points on the bed and the bike, so the straps are at an angle of approximately 45 degrees when tightened. Use at least two in front and two more in the back if you have them to prevent back-and-forth and side-to-side movement. Do not tie at weak parts of the bike such as mirrors or turn signals; rather you should stick with the handlebar, bottom triple clamp and frame of the bike.

Remove the slack and check the knots

Tilt the bike to one side, pull out all the slack on that side, and do the same on the other. Repeat until the motorcycle is stable. Do the same for the rear straps, but compress the suspension to eliminate any slack. Remember that if you hit a bump on the road, the belt tied is prone to abrasion or tear during transport because even if the bike appears to be securely tied, it can move a bit. As an added safety measure, tie a bungee rope around the front brake lever to prevent back-and-forth movement.

Unloading your bike

Unloading is the reverse of loading. You must be prepared if the bike slips to one side when you let go of the mooring on the opposite side. When backing up, it's harder to see where you're stepping, and you can't easily stop and get back up if something is wrong. You should get a supporting hand to help you land and hold the bike while you adjust the front brake.

Prevention and Precaution

Before loading, you should drain the gasoline and petrol and remove the battery for the safety of your bike. It's also a good idea to take pictures from multiple angles for a record at the time of delivery of your bike, so that you can claim damage at the same time. After taking pictures as proof, remove the mirrors, luggage carrier and other electronics. Turn off all alarms, and take your keys with you. The drop-off location may be far from your actual destination, be sure to bring gasoline, petrol, battery, and keys with you when you pick up your delivery. Check the bike for damage before driving off and file a claim immediately, in the presence of the driver. Again, take photographs of damaged parts, if any, to support your claims.

Wrapping up  

We have discussed the best way to transport bikes in a truck safely. In addition, we have also suggested how you can claim the damage during the transportation. You need to follow all the steps from loading your bike up to unloading at your destination. Do not forget to remove fuel from your bike during transport as security should be the first priority.

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