Best Family Bikes in India in 2024

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Best Family Bikes in India in 2024

In 2024, the Indian automobile market offers a variety of family motorcycles serving to numerous possibilities and needs. These bikes generally range from Rs. 67,561-2.09 Lakhs in India. These bikes prioritise comfort, ease of use, and practicality, making them perfect for everyday commuting, weekend outings, and family adventures.

Family bikes are categorised by engine displacement. These bikes range from 97.2cc to 348cc and are typically known for their best comfort. A few examples are TVS Star City Plus, Bajaj CT 110X, Honda Shine, Hero Glamour, and many others. Now let us look at the top 10 family Bikes in India.

List of the Top 12 Family Bikes in India 2024 

Models NameEngine CCPrice Range
Bajaj CT 110X115.45 ccRs.67,561
Hero Splendor Plus97.2 ccRs.75,141-77,986
Honda Shine124 ccRs. 79,800-83,800
Bajaj Pulsar 125124.4 ccRs. 82,712-94,594
TVS Star City Plus109.7 ccRs. 77,770-96,560
Hero Glamour124.7 ccRs. 80,908-86,348
TVS Raider 125124.8 ccRs. 95,219-1.03 Lakhs
Honda Unicorn162.7 ccRs. 1.06 Lakhs
Bajaj Avenger 160 Street160 ccRs. 1.12 Lakhs
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V159.7 ccRs. 1.24-1.32 Lakhs
Royal Enfield Meteor 350349 ccRs. 2.06 - 2.30 Lakh
Honda Hness CB350348.36 ccRs. 2.10 - 2.16 Lakh

Bajaj CT 110X | Rs.67,561 

Bajaj CT 110X

Bajaj CT 110X is a rugged commuter bike designed for hard terrains and urban streets. It has a sturdy engine. It offers reliable overall performance and fuel performance. Its strong frame, more desirable ground clearance, and smooth tyres make it best for adventurous rides. The CT 110X combines sturdiness with affordability, is perfect for day-by-day commuting and considered the best bike for middle-class families.  

Max Power8.48 bhp @ 7000 rpm
Max Torque9.81 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Mileage70 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity11 L

Hero Splendor Plus | Rs.75,141-77,986 

Hero Splendor Plus

Hero Splendor Plus is a popular commuter bike recognised for its reliability and fuel performance. It has a sleek design and comfortable driving experience. It has become a favourite bike among day-by-day commuters. Its sturdy engine, clean overall performance, and low-cost rate make it a top choice for riders searching for practicality and money. 

Max Power5.9 kW @ 8000 rpm
Max Torque8.05 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Mileage60 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity9 L

Honda Shine | Rs. 79,800-83,800 

Honda Shine

Honda Shine is a popular commuter motorbike that offers performance and reliability. Its swish design and fuel-green engine make it a favourite among city commuters, and considered as the best bike for middle class family. Its smooth overall performance, comfortable journey, and low maintenance make it a top preference for riders searching for stability in the financial system. 

Max Power10.59 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque11 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Mileage65 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity10 L

Bajaj Pulsar 125 | Rs. 82,712-94,594 

Bajaj Pulsar 125

The bike offers dynamic performance and amazing engine power, which delivers a blend of power and efficiency. Its sporty design exudes style while featuring suspension, which ensures a clean experience. With recognition for reliability and affordability, the Pulsar 125 servers to fanatics and commuters, redefining the 125cc phase and falling under the category of three seater bike. 

Max Power11.64 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque10.8 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Mileage50 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity11 L

TVS Star City Plus | Rs. 77,770-96,560 

TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus has a fashion and performance with a sleek layout and advanced functions. Its delicate engine provides impressive mileage and smooth overall performance. It is long seat bike, which offers comfortable seating and modern technology. It guarantees an amazing user experience for fanatics in search of practicality and fashion. 

Max Power8.08 bhp @ 7350 rpm
Max Torque8.7 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Mileage83.09 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity10 L

Hero Glamour | Rs. 80,908-86,348 

Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour is a famous commuter motorbike that blends style with overall performance. Its sleek layout, powered by a fuel-efficient engine, appeals to city riders. The bike is equipped with superior functions like a digital device cluster and disc brakes. It offers a comfortable and secure driving experience. The Glamour stands as an image of reliability and affordability in its magnificence. This is known as the best family bike in india.  

Max Power7.75 kW @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque10.4 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Mileage55 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity10 L

TVS Raider 125 | Rs. 95,219-1.03 Lakhs 

TVS Raider 125

TVS Raider 125 has an amazing engine that turns in optimum power for urban commuting. Its fashionable design, with LED lighting fixtures and a virtual console, exudes modernity. Bike is equipped with superior functions like Bluetooth connectivity and segment-first journey modes, which ensures an easy user revels in. The Raider 125 is a dynamic choice for town riders. 

Max Power11.2 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque11.2 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Mileage67 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity1o L

Honda Unicorn | Rs. 1.06 Lakhs 

Honda Unicorn

Honda Unicorn is a popular commuter bike which shows its reliability and performance. The bike, basically known for its efficiency and comfortable driving experience, it features an impressive engine and a high-performance system. It has nice looks and good power, such as tubeless tires and disc brakes. It remains popular with urban riders looking for comfort and style. The bike falls under the category of 3 seater bike

Max Power12.73 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque14 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Mileage60 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity13 L

Bajaj Avenger 160 Street | Rs. 1.12 Lakhs 

Bajaj Avenger 160 Street

Bajaj Avenger 160 Street is a fashionable cruiser bike acknowledged for its comfortable riding stance and sturdy overall performance. Its amazing engine provides a perfect blend of strength and efficiency. This is known as the best family bike in india. Its sleek design, comfortable seating, and great handling make it a popular choice for city cruising fanatics seeking a thrilling ride. 

Max Power14.79 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque13.7 Nm @ 7000 rpm
Mileage45 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity13 L

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V | Rs. 1.24-1.32 Lakhs 

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V

This dynamic TVS Apache RTR 160 4V has a combination of energy and power. Its amazing engine can provide exhilarating overall performance, coupled with advanced functions like fuel injection and race-tuned ABS. With sharp styling cues and precise handling, it is a standout within the commuter phase, imparting an unequalled riding experience for fanatics. 

Max PowerSport: 12.91 kW @ 9250 rpm (17.55 PS) Urban/ Rain: 11.5 kW @ 8600 rpm (15.64 PS)
Max TorqueSport: 14.73 Nm @ 7250 rpm Urban/ Rain: 14.14 Nm @ 7250 rpm
Mileage45 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity12 L

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 | Rs. 2.06 - 2.30 Lakh 

Royal Enfield Meteor 350

It is a modern-day traditional motorbike known for its timeless design and clean overall performance. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 incredible engine promises adequate energy for town cruising and motorway rides. Featuring retro styling cues and advanced generation, it gives a nostalgic riding experience with modern reliability and luxury. 

Max Power20.2 BHP @ 6100 RPM
Max Torque27 Nm @ 4000 RPM
Mileage32.6 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity15 L

Honda Hness CB350 | Rs. 2.10 - 2.16 Lakh 

Honda Hness CB350

A retro-styled motorcycle which blends a classic layout with contemporary capabilities. The Honda Hness CB350 comes with amazing engine capacity, and it provides a comfortable trip for urban cruising and highway trips. With superior electronics, twin-channel ABS, and a relaxing riding posture, it embodies Honda's legacy of reliability, overall performance, and timeless fashion. 

Max Power15.5kW @ 5500 rpm
Max Torque30 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Mileage45 Kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity15 L


Finding the best family bike is not a big deal among Indian motorcycle enthusiasts. Knowing this need, many manufacturers have designed practical commuter bikes and made their offerings to suit specific customers. If you are thinking of purchasing a family bike, you will find some of them in this article if they meet your needs. 

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