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Bajaj Tackles CNG Tank Safety Issues in Freedom 125 CNG Bike

CalenderPublished at July 6, 2024 by BikeJunction
Bajaj Tackles CNG Tank Safety Issues in Freedom 125 CNG Bike

Bajaj has launched the Freedom 125 in India at a starting price of Rs 95,000. It is the world's first CNG bike, and many customers might worry about the safety of having a CNG tank on a bike. Every year, many CNG cars fail, and bikes are more exposed than cars. Bajaj assures that the bike has been thoroughly tested for safety. The manufacturer says the bike has passed 11 different crash and impact tests at their test facility.

How Bajaj Tested the New Freedom 125 CNG Bike 

New Freedom 125 CNG Bike

Bajaj tested the bike from different angles. In the Front Collision Test, the Freedom 125 CNG bike crashed into a 1.5-ton moving barrier at a speed of 60kmph. Moreover, the company also did a Truck Runover Test, where a 10-ton truck was driven over the CNG bike. This test simulates a situation where the rider falls off and the bike gets run over by a truck. In both the Front Collision Test and the Truck Runover Test, the bike handled the impacts well. The CNG tank stayed in place, kept its shape, and did not leak.

Bajaj also performed nine other tests: a Frontal Pendulum Test, a Rear Impact Test, a Left Side Impact Test, a Right Side Impact Test, a Vertical Drop Test, a 50kg Filling Unit Strength Test, two types of CNG Valve Impact Tests (to see if the valve breaks on impact), and a 20G Pull Out Test. Impact tests involved hitting the bike with a moving barrier, while drop tests involved dropping the bike from a height.

What is Bajaj Providing in Freedom 125 CNG Bike?

Bajaj designed the trellis frame and subframe to keep the CNG cylinder safe. These frames act like cages to protect the cylinder from damage in a crash. The engine is also placed away from the CNG cylinder, so the heat from the engine doesn’t affect the CNG tank. This is important because the CNG tank holds pressurized gas, which can expand when it gets hot.

When filling the CNG tank, you need to get off the bike and stand at least 5 feet away. This safety measure at CNG fuel stations helps prevent accidents in case the CNG cylinder explodes.

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