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Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Bike: Detailed Feature Breakdown

CalenderPublished at July 8, 2024 by BikeJunction
Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Bike: Detailed Feature Breakdown

The world's first CNG bike, the Bajaj Freedom 125 features seamless switchability between petrol and CNG, smartphone connectivity, and more. Our detailed guide will help you explore each feature and understand its functionality.   

Switchable Power Modes

Bajaj Freedom 125 Console   
One of the outstanding features of the Bajaj Freedom 125 is the effortless switching between petrol and CNG with a simple toggle switch. This intuitive switching promises to save riders valuable time.   

The bike has a 2-kg CNG tank and a 2-litre petrol tank. The CNG tank offers a claimed range of over 200 km, while the petrol tank offers a range of up to 130 km. Together, the tanks offer up to 330 ranges in kilometres. Moreover, the petrol tank serves as a backup fuel source, enabling riders to reach the nearest CNG filling station if the CNG runs out, acting as a 'limp home' mode.   

Bajaj asserts that the Freedom 125 can halve running costs compared to conventional petrol bikes. However, all access points may vary due to fewer CNG stations compared to petrol pumps. Check out our dedicated search for a comprehensive review of Freedom 125 running costs.   

Console And Its Features 

Bajaj Freedom 125 Speedometer  
Bajaj CNG bikes are available in three variants: NG04 Disc LED, NG04 Drum LED, and NG04 Drum. The premium NG04 Disc LED variant features a backlit LCD console that displays speed, time, fuel level, odometer, trip meter readouts alongside real time information like real-time mileage and distance to empty.   

The console also supports smartphone connectivity, enabling calls, SMS alerts and other features. Bajaj has added a button to the switchgear on the left, which may be able to help riders navigate through the console.   

USB Charging Port

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Fuel Tank  
Another notable feature of the Bajaj Freedom 125 is the USB charging port located near the instrument console. This addition, now common on most 125cc motorcycles, makes the Freedom 125 convenient.   

Please note that the console and connectivity features are only available on the top-end NG04 Disc LED variant, other variants do not have these options.   

This bike is powered by a 125cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, which produces 9.5PS and 9.7 Nm of torque. Although these power figures may seem low for a 125cc bike, it is important to consider that CNG isn’t as power dense as petrol and a drop in performance is only natural.    

The Freedom 125 is priced at Rs 95,000 for the base NG04 drum variant, Rs 1,05,000 for the mid-range NG04 drum LED variant and Rs 1,10,000 for the top-of-the-line NG04 disc LED. Additionally, please not that all prices are ex-showroom, India.   

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