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Auto Expo 2023 Upcoming: Liger Mobility to Launch World’s First Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Published on January 10, 2023 by BikeJunction

At the 2023 Auto Expo, Liger Mobility plans to introduce the first auto-balancing electric scooter ever created. According to the domestic electric mobility business, Liger self balancing scooter can balance itself without aid from any side or centre stands. This distinguishes the e-scooter as a unique product in the booming Indian and international markets for electric two-wheelers. At the occasion, the scooter's name will be revealed.

The self-balancing and self-parking electric scooter from Mumbai-based Liger Mobility was touted for 2019. But that was only a pre-production prototype; the finished version will be displayed at the upcoming Auto Expo 2023. 

The Automotive technology of the self-balancing Liger electric vehicle combines vintage design with contemporary functions. It initially seems to have been influenced by the traditional Vespa design. However, it is easy to see the different styling components. The scooter's front features a sleek horizontal LED daytime running light (DRL) at the top and a delta-shaped LED headlamp mounted at the front apron. The roundish LED turn indicators are also housed in the front cowl.

The Liger self-balancing electric scooter also has a telescopic front suspension, an all-digital instrument cluster, a wide and comfy seat, a grab rail at the back, and an LED taillight. Although the colour possibilities for this e-scooter have not been made public, Matte Red will be one of them. It has alloy wheels that are covered in thick rubber. The front wheel has a disc brake for stopping, while the back wheel has a drum brake.

According to the maker, this electric scooters contains cutting-edge auto technology that was created in-house in India. Compared to other traditional scooters, this technology is said to considerably improve rider safety while also improving comfort and convenience.

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