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August 2023 Sales Report: Hero MotorCorp Reports A 24.89% MoM Growth

CalenderPublished at September 5, 2023 by BikeJunction
August 2023 Sales Report: Hero MotorCorp Reports A 24.89% MoM Growth

Hero MotoCorp recorded remarkable sales figures for August 2023. The brand witnessed a considerable rise in sales, with 488,717 units sold in August 2023. It is 5.64%, more than the previous year.

In August 2022, Hero MotoCorp sold 430,799 motorcycles, while the brand sold 452,186 motorcycles in August 2023. This resulted in a growth of 4.96%. In addition, the brand’s best-selling was Splendor. The Splendor & HF Deluxe motorbike lines account for about 90% of Hero MotoCorp's domestic sales. 

Moreover, they sold 36,531 scooters in August 2023, whereas in August 2022, they sold 31,809 scooters. The scooter segment grew 14.84%. In August 2023, Hero MotoCorp sold 472,947 domestic units; in August 2022, 450,740 units were sold, witnessing a 4.93% growth.

Meanwhile, exports witnessed a spectacular growth of 32.88%, jumping from 11,868 units delivered in August 2022 to 15,770 units exported in August 2023.

August 2023 Hero MotoCorp Sales Performance Month-over-Month

The results for August 2023 compared to July 2023 also showed impressive growth. 360,592 motorcycles were sold in July, while the brand sold 452,186 motorcycles in August, witnessing a 25.40% increase.

Moreover, the brand sold 30,718 scooters in July, whereas 36,531 scooters were sold in August, translating to an 18.92% growth.

Hero MotorCorpAug 23Aug 22DiffGrowth % YoY% Share Aug 23


Hero MotorCorpAug 23July 23DiffGrowth % MoM% Share July 23


Hero MotorCorpFY24 YTDFY23DiffGrowth % YoY% Share FY24

Hero MotoCorp significantly exceeded the prior month domestically in August, with sales increasing by 27.41%. The brand sold 472,947 units. However, exports saw a minor decline, falling to 21.57%, with 15,770 units sent out.

Total Sales for the Fiscal Year

Despite several difficulties, Hero MotoCorp's performance has been good thus far in the current fiscal year. A total of 20,75,418 units of motorcycles were sold during the current fiscal year (FY24 YTD). It is a small decline of 3.84%,  as 21,58,381 units were sold during the previous fiscal year (FY23). On the contrary, scooter sales impressively increased by 12.27%, jumping from 1,40,000 units in FY23 to 1,57,183 units sold in FY24 YTD.

Domestic sales for the first quarter of FY24 totalled 21,61,401 units, leading to a modest decrease of 2.18%. Besides, exports decreased by 19.81%, going from 88,791 units in FY23 to 71,200 units in FY24 YTD.

Positive Output

Domestic sales for the first quarter of FY24 totalled 21,61,401 units. It turned out to be a modest decrease of 2.18% from the same time in FY23 (22,09,590 units). The brand exported 88,791 units in FY23 and 71,200 units in FY24 YTD. It means exports decreased by 19.81%.

Hero MotoCorp's steady expansion and impressive sales numbers highlight their tenacity in a competitive industry and confirm their status as the world's top motorbike and scooter producer. 

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