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2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Popular & Powerful Both!

CalenderPublished at July 1, 2024 by BikeJunction
2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Popular & Powerful Both!

The Yamaha R3 has always been a bit expensive but loved by many in India. After returning to the market, it remains pricey at Rs 4,65,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The big question is whether it’s still adored and can compete in the growing 300-500cc segment. In this review, we explore that: 

2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Engine Performance  

2024 Yamaha R3 side angle

The Yamaha R3 has a twin-cylinder engine that can rev up to 13,000 rpm. It can reach around 63 kmph in first gear, which is impressive for a 300cc bike. It is great for weekend rides and track days. However, it is recommended that you upgrade the stock Dunlop Sportmax tyres to TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tyres for better overall grip. 

Moreover, this sports bike can hold 100 kmph in 6th gear @ 6000 rpm. Beyond this speed, however, you may feel some vibration in the handlebars when the engine is running hard. It handles low speeds well, even in higher gears, but it gets very hot in traffic, and you’ll feel it on your feet if you’re not wearing riding pants. 

The heavy clutch can also fatigue in traffic due to its lack of traction and support. Moreover, its fuel efficiency is around 23-24 kmpl when riding hard and around 26-27 kmpl when riding more leisurely.

2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Design 

2024 Yamaha R3 has a new, sharp dual LED lighting system with an intake between them. This makes it seem more aggressive. However, it now looks very similar to the Yamaha R15, especially the more expensive R15S, which may confuse some people. It comes in two colors: Yamaha Black and Icon Blue. The black is subtle, so if you want your R3 to stand out more, the blue colour might be best.

2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Features  
2024 Yamaha R3 Rider Side angle

Yamaha R3 is simple in terms of features, without any fancy TFT screens or rider aids. It has a large tachometer with a gear position indicator and a speedometer underneath. At the bottom, there are gauges for engine temperature, fuel, a clock, an odometer, and trip meters. 

Two buttons under the console allow you to switch trip meters or change the units (from kmph to mph, for example). The layout is clear and easy to read. This can detract from the bike's aspirational appeal.

2024 Yamaha R3 Review: Hardware 

The 2024 Yamaha R3 offers great handling, striking a balance between ease for beginners and excitement for experienced riders. It's not as sharp as some rivals but is predictable and easy to steer, making cornering fun. The upper body ergonomics are comfortable and upright, with tall clip-ons avoiding the usual sport bike posture. However, the lower body ergonomics are tight, making taller riders (around 6 feet) feel cramped, especially with the not-so-roomy seat. Riders up to 5’9'' usually find it fine. The suspension is more comfortable than the MT 03 because the forward lean reduces pressure on the rider’s butt, making bumps less noticeable.

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