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2024 KTM 390 Duke: Engine, Styling and Features

CalenderPublished at August 25, 2023 by BikeJunction
2024 KTM 390 Duke: Engine, Styling and Features

In the 2024 KTM 390 Duke model, KTM has upgraded with a range of most significant updates. Some of these updates include the engine, styling and features of the bike. Since it debuted in India in 2013, the KTM 390 Duke is a bigger motorcycle available at a fraction of the price. The streetfighter has always satisfied everyone. It does not simply have new bodywork or reworked components this time. 

Almost every element imaginable is altered. At the very least, the spec sheet indicates that it has significantly improved. It is yet to be released in India, and we can’t wait for the model to launch. 

Engine of 2024 KTM 390 Duke

The 390 Duke has always centred around its performance, and the legacy continues with the latest iteration. It features a new & more agile 399cc single-cylinder engine. However, its predecessor boasts 42.9bhp of power and 37 Nm of torque from a 373cc engine. The new model elevates these figures to 44.2bhp and 39 Nm. Despite a marginal numerical difference, KTM likely focused on refining the engine's character and power delivery. 

The current version excels in low to mid-range power, characterised by reduced vibrations compared to earlier 390 iterations. With the introduction of the 2024 KTM 390 Duke's larger engine, maintaining low NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) levels becomes crucial. Stricter emission regulations could have led KTM to balance increased power output with minimising excessive punchiness. It ensures compliance without compromising on the thrill.

We have yet to ride the 2024 KTM 390 Duke, but we have some experience with this new engine courtesy of the new Triumph Speed 400. Both have a comparable displacement engine with a similar bore and stroke, but the output figures and character differ. In any event, we anticipate the 2018 KTM 390 Duke to be elegant and enjoyable. However, the larger engine has yet to add weight to the motorbike. The 2024 390 Duke has a dry weight of 165 kg, which is 2kg lower than the previous model.

Design of KTM 390

KTM arrived at the design by tracing the data from the 1290 Super Duke onto the 390 Duke. The motorbike now resembles the classic Super Duke more than ever before. These bulky, extended tank shrouds come with a modern LED headlight style. Even the tail part is identical to that of the 1290. However, the frame, subframe, and swingarm were all reworked for improved handling. 

KTM developed the concept from the 1290 Super Duke to the 390 Duke. The motorcycle now more closely resembles the legendary Super Duke than ever before. These large, extended tank shrouds have a contemporary LED headlamp design. The tail section is similar to that of the 1290. 

However, the frame, subframe, and swingarm are all redesigned for better handling. 

In keeping with the SuperDuke-inspired design language, the 2024 390 Duke is also available in different colours. 

The colour includes grey, blue, and orange schemes and polarising orange and black paint with an orange seat. The 390 Duke isn't the only vehicle with the new design. The 2024 Duke 125 and 250 models were also revealed, with the same design language and bodywork but different colour schemes. 


The riding stance on the 390 Duke is unaltered. KTM 390 Duke, in true streetfighter fashion, features flat handlebars and somewhat rear-set footpegs. However, the ergonomics and seat height has altered.

The 2024 390 has a smaller seat that can be adjusted in height. You may have it at 820mm or lower it to 800mm by removing the spacers. In any case, this is lower than the previous model's seat height of 830mm. On the other hand, the seat height of the 250 and 125 Duke is fixed at 800mm.

Features of the KTM 390

In addition to new aesthetics and engines, the KTM still needs to provide the 390 Duke to its full capabilities. But, it has included a launch control in the 2024 model. The technology operates only when the Duke's new Track mode is enabled. It peaks at 7,000rpm while waiting for you to activate the clutch. You may also ride it in Rain mode if you desire a slower throttle response and better ABS intervention. 

Otherwise, the motorbike runs standard in Street mode. The 2024 390 Duke includes a new 5-inch TFT display with connectivity, new switchgear, and radical LED lighting. 

KTM has also included adjustable suspension on the new 390. Although the front is adjustable for compression and rebound, the rear is also adjustable for preload and rebound, the first in its segment. Whether KTM will launch the 390 Duke or sell it in variants in India is uncertain. 

Pricing Details of 2024 KTM 390 Duke

Considering the details about the 2024 KTM 390 Duke and the pricing of its current-generation counterpart. The existing model is priced at Rs. 2.97 lakh(Ex-showroom). However, its position is below the standard RC390 and 390 Adventure, priced at Rs 3.16 and 3.38 lakh, respectively. Given the substantial upgrades in the new 390 Duke, it can have a price range of approximately Rs 3.20 to 3.30 lakh for the upgraded version.

Launch Details of KTM 390

Given that the RC390 is expensive, the motorbike is projected to see some price increases before the new Duke is released. We anticipate KTM launching the new 390 Duke in the coming months, just in time for the Indian festive season. However, it will compete in India against the future TVS Apache RTR 310, BMW G310 R, and Yamaha MT-03

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