Zelio ZG-S Reviews

*Ex-showroom Price
₹ 1 Lakh Price Breakdown
Range120 km/chargeMotor Power1.5kW
EMI starts from₹ 1,913

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User Reviews of Zelio ZG-S

4 Rating

Quiet Confidence in Urban Mobility

Switching to the Zelio ZG-S has been a revelation. Its silent operation is a stark contrast to traditional scooters, making each ride peaceful and enjoyable. The scooter's compact design makes parking effortless, and its robust build instils confidence on the road. I appreciate the safety features like responsive brakes and efficient lighting, which enhance visibility during night rides.
29 Jun 2024|Tarun
5 Rating

Makes Every Ride Enjoyable

Riding the Zelio ZG-S is a delight from start to finish. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures nimble handling, essential for navigating tight corners and crowded intersections. Highly Recommended!
29 Jun 2024|Lakshay
4 Rating

Stylish and Practical Choice for Urban Living

Living in a city where traffic is a constant challenge, the Zelio ZG-S has become my go-to mode of transport. Its sleek design catches attention, but it's the performance that truly stands out.
29 Jun 2024|Kamlesh
3 Rating

Eco-Friendly Innovation with Zelio ZG-S

Transitioning to the Zelio ZG-S has been a decision I haven't regretted. This scooter combines sleek aesthetics with practicality. The ride quality is exceptionally smooth, even on rough city roads. I'm impressed by its powerful motor, which delivers consistent performance without noise. Amazing scooter…!!
29 Jun 2024|Tikam
3 Rating

Reliable Companion for Daily Commutes

Its smooth acceleration and responsive handling make weaving through traffic effortless. The battery life is impressive, easily covering my round-trip commute without needing a recharge. I appreciate its eco-friendly design and how it silently glides along the streets.
29 Jun 2024|Rahul
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