May 18, 2023

Yamaha E01 E-Scooter Debuts in Japan: Here’s What To Know


Yamaha Motor has launched E01 E-Scooter, adding it to the rental fleet in Japan, where anyone over 20 years old can rent.


Design Resemblance

E01 E-scooter shares a strong design resemblance with the Yamaha NMax & Aerox 155.


Battery Power & Range

Drawing power from a 4.9 kWh battery mated to an 8.1 kW motor, it claims to have a range of 104 km.



Telescopic Forks, Twin Rear Shocks | LCD console | 13-inch Alloy Wheels | 23-Litre Under-Seat Storage


Portable Charging Cable

The portable charger lets riders charge the scooter easily; however, the 14-Hour charging time means renters will need to keep their commute short.

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