May 09, 2023

Matter Aera Pre-bookings Commencing on 17th May! Book Now


Where to Book?

Matter Aera electric bike is available for booking at its official website as well on Flipkart.


Booking in Which States?

The booking of this electric bike is open in 25 cities across Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & more.


What’s Unique in this Bike?

It’s India’s first-ever electric bike, featuring a liquid-cooled motor and a battery pack.


Available Variants

This bike is available in two variants - 5000 & 5000+. Both variants feature a 10.5 kwh motor, 5kWh battery with a 125-159 km range.


Price of Matter Aera Variants

The 5000 and 5000+ variants of Matter Aera are available at Rs 1.44 lakh & Rs.1.54 lakh, respectively.

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