May 11, 2023

Honda Dropped 6G Suffix From Activa Moniker - Here’s Why!


When Was “G” Suffix Introduced?

Honda introduced the “G” suffix through Activa 110 in 2015 with the Activa 3G and continued adding it to the advanced series.


Purpose of “G” Suffix

Honda’s motive for introducing the G suffix was to highlight the generational change in its 100 cc scooter.


Current Models with “G” Suffix

The G suffix was evident in its 4G, 5G and prevailing 6G models.


Why is Honda Dropping “G” Tag?

Honda claims that this biggest drop is simply to simplify their nameplate and create a new brand positioning in buyers' minds.


What’s Latest in Honda Activa?

New Honda Activa models are based on H-smart tech. Moreover, they have a new start/stop switch, smart find, and remote lock & unlock feature.

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