Apr 24, 2023

Will the Upcoming Honda Activa 7G Get Hybrid Engine Setup?


Engine Specs

Activa 7G is about to get the biggest update featuring a hybrid engine setup. Meaning, along with the engine, it will also get a battery pack, which will enhance the fuel efficiency.



This new upcoming edition is set to get a more sharper and aggressive look to attract the younger generation.



With upgraded engine setup, Activa 7G could offer 65-68 kmpl mileage as compared to 60 kmpl the current model has to offer.


Expected Ex-Showroom Price*

With such huge upgrades, the upcoming Honda Activa 7G set to launch later this year might be priced between Rs. 80,000-90,000.


Additional Upgrades

Honda will be adding new features like digital instrument console, bluetooth connectivity, USB charging port, bigger tyres for added stability.

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