May 23, 2023

Top 5 Tech Breakthroughs of Hero Splendor Plus


xSens Programmed Fi Technology

An intelligent 9 sensor-driven technology, giving all the necessary information including running & riding conditions, performance, etc.


i3S Technology

Idle Stop-Start System turns the bike’s 97.2 CC engine off when left idle. This system promotes reduced fuel consumption & improved mileage (60 Kmpl).


Side Stand Indicator

Helps ensure rider safety by providing visual indication of the side stand’s position which reminds the rider to retract the stand before riding.


Integrated Braking System

Links the front and rear brake systems to optimise braking performance, reduce stopping distances minimising the impact of sudden braking.


Price In India

Hero Splendor Plus costs between Rs 72,076 - 74,396 in India.

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